How to transfer money to paypal between accounts?

International payment systems used throughout the world have the highest popularity.

What do you think, what kind of electronic money do people use most often? The correct answer is PayPal. This is the undisputed leader, ranked first in the number of customers.

In this article we decided to tell you how to transfer money to PayPal? There are often transactions between purses, both for buying something, and just for convenient transfer of money to any part of the world. After receiving the transfer, the user can easily withdraw money from PayPal.

How to transfer money to paypal between accounts?

Transfer from PayPal to PayPal

To transfer funds between the wallets of this payment system, you need to complete only 3 simple steps.

Now we will show what needs to be done, and we remind you that the balance should contain the required amount. If it is not there, then you will be offered to use the money from the attached accounts (for example, from the card).

So, to make a transfer between PayPal accounts, you will need:

  1. Enter your profile and select the "Send funds" tab:
  2. How to transfer money to paypal between accounts?
  3. This will open a new page where you will need to enter the recipient’s details, the amount and select one of the transfer types:
  4. How to transfer money to paypal between accounts?

    When choosing the first option "I am sending a payment for goods or services," the commission is debited from the recipient. If you choose the first option, you will pay the commission yourself.

  5. The final step is to confirm the payment, as well as to verify the details:
  6. How to transfer money to paypal between accounts?

When you click the "Send Payment" button, you only need to confirm this is action. At the last step, be sure to check the information in order not to accidentally transfer money to the wrong person.

How to transfer from PayPal to other payment systems?

To make transfers to the wallets of other payments, you must verify your PayPal account.

The easiest way to do this is through exchangers. You can find them on the site

. You only need to select the type of account (which currency) and indicate which wallet you want to receive money for:

How to transfer money to paypal between accounts?

The choice is wide, but there are not always suitable exchange points, so the list Some bills are marked in gray. Choose them from what is available and a list of available sites for online exchange of PayPal for other electronic money will appear on the right:

How to transfer money to paypal between accounts?

It is better to choose the first exchangers in the list of , so how they are sorted by course benefits. Making online exchange points is different, but you can easily figure out what to do next:

How to transfer money to paypal between accounts?

The form may be slightly different, you need to fill it out completely. After specifying all the data, it will remain to make the usual payment from your account and depending on the conditions of the exchanger, after a certain time, the money will appear on your e-wallet in another payment system.

It is not difficult to make transfers from PayPal wallet, the interface in the payment is thoughtful, and finding the necessary exchanger is easier than ever.

Use any of the methods presented in this article, and remember that when using plastic cards, additional fees may apply.

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