How to trade on Instaforex? | Workion. ru

How to start trading in the foreign exchange market? From obtaining basic knowledge, communicating with professionals, gaining practical experience and, of course, choosing a brokerage company.

The trading platform now offers many services, but the conditions are different everywhere, so you need to be careful.

A forex broker is recognized as the best company in Asia, and traders from all over the world use this service.

A wide range of tools, a lot of analytics, favorable conditions, competent support of traders and training newbies. These are not all positive aspects of Instaforex - the most popular and high-quality broker.

How to trade on Instaforex? | Workion. ru

InstaForex - the choice of professionals

The company opened in 2007, then it received all the necessary documents regulating their activities and received the opportunity to enter the world currency exchange.

Initially, the benchmark was set to create a better service for customers, the organizers adhere to the same rule now.

Nowadays Instaforex is known in many countries, a huge number of experienced professionals work in the state, openly 265 official representations . The company is solid, managed to get many different awards and proved that it deserves the attention of professional traders.

Registration with Instaforex

It will not take long to register on the broker’s website. Unlike other companies, there is no need to perform any checks, it is enough to perform 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose your status and specify the email address:
  2. How to trade on Instaforex? | Workion. ru
  3. Fill in personal data:
  4. How to trade on Instaforex? | Workion. ru
  5. Set up your account settings:
  6. How to trade on Instaforex? | Workion. ru

By running these actions, enter your personal account to download the trading platform and top up the balance.

After registration, it is better to register, this will open access to all the tools of the service (you only need to download a scan of any identity document).

Minimum for making a deposit is only $ 1 (on any type of account). You can make money in any way, from using cards to electronic wallets.

How to trade on Instaforex?

Unlike many brokers, this company offers a simple interface for trading without a terminal. On the "Trade" page you will find a form to open a deal with a few clicks:

How to trade on Instaforex? | Workion. ru

Most experienced traders prefer to use popular trading platforms. Only on Instaforex you can choose which platform to use - MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5 or WebTrader.

If you used them, then easily choose the appropriate option. If you do not know which is better, then use MetaTrader4.

To open a transaction, you will need to perform a few simple steps. First, we select an asset (currency pair) from the side column:

How to trade on Instaforex? | Workion. ru

Click on the selected pair two times and the window that opens the order opens:

How to trade on Instaforex? | Workion. ru

In the upper part, you can also select an asset, as well as indicate the amount of investment and set other parameters. Stop loss and take profit allow you to set limits so that the transaction is automatically closed if certain changes occur in the market.

To run the transaction, it remains to press Buy (blue button). Then, wait until the chart rises and press Sell, getting the benefit from the transaction:

How to trade on Instaforex? | Workion. ru

The profit is instantly credited to your balance, and you can use the money for other transactions. As you can see, there is nothing complicated, and when using other platforms, you will need to perform the same actions, but on a slightly modified interface.

Why Instaforex?

There are many popular brokers, why should I use Instaforex? Here are some good reasons:

1. Bonus system. The first deposit is set here with a bonus of up to 250%; no other broker has such conditions. In addition, you can receive from 30 to 100% on subsequent deposits.

Club card holders consistently receive 40% of deposits. In addition, points are awarded for activity, and you can spend them in an Instaforex store (books, clothes, flash drives, etc.).

2. Conducting webinars. Training is necessary for beginners and will be useful for experienced traders.

How to trade on Instaforex? | Workion. ru

Webinar teachers are experienced professionals who help viewers understand analytics and learn how to trade a plus. Webinars are often held (sometimes several times a day), but the most important thing is that their attendance is free.

3. Demo account. On the Instaforex website you can download a special program for training. You will receive detailed instructions on how to install the program, and will trade the same way as on MetaTrader4. The amount of funds for a demo account you choose yourself.This is the best way to test your theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills.

4. Solidity of the company. A huge number of awards received by this broker during its existence. As already mentioned, he has many real offices, a large staff of specialists works and every year the company is gaining popularity. Often the brand InstaForex falls into the news feeds.

5. InstaForex Reviews. About Instaforex reviews are only positive, which is not surprising. Stable work, timely payments, high-quality interface and responsive support. Just nothing to complain about. If you do not believe, you can look at any Instaforex site reviews.

6. Spread, shoulder, deposit. To begin with, you can start trading with any starting capital. Even a couple of dollars is enough. The leverage is chosen by the traders themselves (during registration), it can vary from 1: 1 to 1: 1000. As for the spread, it is not on InstaForek.

7. Profitable affiliate program. Attracting people to this brokerage company, you will be charged 1. 5 - 5. 3 points from their transactions. Instaforex offers a large selection of formats for cooperation, starting with advertising on blogs, ending with the opening of an official representative office (real office).

8. PAMM accounts at Instaforex. Afraid to trade on your own and don’t want to learn? Invest money in PAMM. Professional traders are ready to take any capital in their management. Evaluate statistics, choose the best managers and make profits passively.

9. Communication with traders. Instaforex has online support where you can ask any questions about using the system or trading. There is also a traders forum where you can discuss various topics and learn a lot.

10. Useful analytics. Every day the section with analytics is updated and updated with new information. You can subscribe to the newsletter, read Forex news, follow the market statistics, use the economic calendar, and so on.

The Instaforex broker has functionality for trading binary options, it appeared recently, but it works fine.

In order to become a leader, InstaForex forex broker did a great job. The opportunities provided by traders are really wide and there is everything you need for making forecasts. You can not even think about where to open an account for a trader, InstaForex is the ideal option .

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