How to track site promotion? site promotion level

By making attempts to promote, optimize and promote the site or using the services of optimizers, webmasters want to get specific results of the work done. Unfortunately, to evaluate the effectiveness of certain actions is almost impossible.

A site spinup counter does not exist, so you often have questions about how to track your site?

To keep track of what changes during site promotion, you will need to evaluate several indicators at once and draw conclusions based on this. What happens when the playground is actively developing? The site is visited by more people, puzomerki increase, and in search results, the site is close to the leading positions. These are the indicators you need to use.

How to track site promotion? site promotion level

Site promotion level

  1. Increased traffic. Even novice webmasters know how to check the attendance of their site. If you do not know how to do this, visit the How to put the LiveInternet counter page, on this page we described the process of installing the attendance counter on the site. Powerful tools to track traffic are Google Analytics and Yandex. Webmaster. Thanks to the data from these resources, it is possible to make an overall picture of attendance and compare it with the one you have observed before. Depending on how much work was invested in the promotion and optimization, it is possible to draw conclusions about the increase in attendance. Sites that have existed for more than a year and have not been optimized can, by promotion and optimization, increase their attendance several times.
  2. Increase puzomerok. One of the mandatory actions to promote a site is to buy links. The number and quality of links affects the indicators of TIC and PR. Search engines read data on the reference mass of resources, as well as some other indicators, and then assign a specific indicator to each site. It will be very difficult to estimate the promotion of all 2 indicators, so you can additionally analyze other indicators of the site’s credibility, for example, Alexa Rank.
  3. Improving the position in the issue. The next option to check the site promotion is a comparison of the positions of your site in search results. It is not necessary to enter inquiries yourself and look for the site in the results of the issue, especially since the search engines take into account the depth of your visits to your site and put it on higher positions. You can evaluate the position of the site through special services, for example. This multifunctional service will allow you to analyze the site on a variety of indicators, be sure to use it when maintaining sites.

How to track site promotion? site promotion level

Now you know that you can evaluate the work on optimization, promotion and promotion of the site. Yes, for this, you will again have to work and compare some indicators, but without this in any way. Want to get quality data? Take enough time for this.

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