How to switch from WordPress to Drupal?

Each webmaster has his own preferences in choosing a CMS on which websites are created.

Without a doubt, WordPress remains the most popular engine, but given the development of its counterparts, many can use other platforms. But what if the site is already created on WordPress? It can be easily transferred to another engine.

Today, a platform about which you must have heard is actively picking up speed. Against the background of the modernization of this engine, many site owners began to transfer their sites to this CMS.

How to switch from WordPress to Drupal? It is not difficult to make it and in a few simple actions, you will achieve the desired result.

How to switch from WordPress to Drupal?

Transferring a site from WordPress to Drupal

1. First you need to go to the admin panel of your site and start the export to get the necessary file for the site transfer:

How to switch from WordPress to Drupal?

2. After that, the xml file will be downloaded to your computer, you can open it through any editor and make various edits, it is best to make changes at this step.

3. Install the latest version of the Drupal engine for hosting (if you install the old version, this instruction does not work).

4. If on WordPress you divided materials into categories, then you need to log into Drupal before importing and create a dictionary for categories. First go to the structure section, then select the taxonomy, then click Add Dictionary.

5. Now you need to download a few plugins that are suitable only for the latest versions of Drupal:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

6. Include all the plugins listed above, as well as activate the Migrate UI extension. After that, go to the "Content" section and select the WordPress migration tab.

7. On this tab there will be a form designed to import the xml file of your site:

How to switch from WordPress to Drupal?

8. Specify the path to the file and, if necessary, change the import settings, then click on the Import WordPress blog.

All, the site is completely copied to Drupal and you can check if the site is working correctly. In just a few simple steps, you can easily transfer your resource.

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