How to succeed in copywriting?

When reading articles on the Internet, some newbies get the impression that copywriting is the most profitable way to make money.

Professionals post screenshots of statistics, where you can see how they are even paid 200 rubles per 1000 characters, but you can’t count on a newbie.

A successful copywriting career is not a myth? No, but to build it you need to have talent and work day and night.

Only purposeful workaholics can count on serious results, because there are copywriters who, even for several years, could not get off the threshold of 30 rubles per 1000 characters.

How to succeed in copywriting?

If you want to get a professional level and make big money on writing articles, start by learning the rules of successful copywriting.

Obtaining theoretical knowledge, feel free to apply them in practice. Even if you start from scratch, in 2-3 months you can reach a steady income .

It is important to understand that on the very first day it’s impossible to earn money on selling articles, the moderation of texts on the exchange alone takes more time.

Weeks or even months go in search of buyers, so you have to be patient and work for at least a month without giving back, daily writing texts.

It would not be amiss to disassemble errors on the path to successful copywriting. Newbies often hurry and try to skaltit somewhere to make their work easier.

Unfortunately, this leads to a complete collapse and you have to start all over again. And this is the most difficult, because as long as there is no positive reputation, you can not even dream of big money.

How does a career begin and what can be achieved?

Everything that is written in this article is not invented, but gained through experience. I have worked with copywriting exchanges and selling texts.

The path began with, since there were accepted low quality texts. Then the exchange was used for some time, but the most generous buyers sit on, so this exchange is better.

As already mentioned, from the first day it is better not to rely on high profits and quick sales. When I started to work, in the first week I managed to sell some texts, although the price was greatly reduced:

How to succeed in copywriting?

Articles were sold for a penny, and in order to receive decent money, I had to work a lot. From that moment several years have passed, what has changed? During this time, I sold hundreds of articles and collected a lot of positive feedback.

Now there are stable buyers, therefore, not having time to add a new material, it is immediately redeemed, and even at a high price:

How to succeed in copywriting?

If on the previous screen the statistics for the week is shown, these 4 articles were sold during the day and as you can see, the total income exceeded 1000 rubles . You do not need a lot of mind to calculate how much you can get in 30 days, if you write 4 texts each day, the main thing is to buy them.

Want to become a real professional? Learn not just to write articles, learn SEO copywriting.

Do not expect your copywriting career to grow at a rapid pace if you are not active.

Now too many people are trying to do this, so it's not so easy to get through. In any case, this is real work on the Internet, which can be made the main source of profit.

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