How to subscribe to WordPress comments?

When using the WordPress engine, the webmaster has many different opportunities to improve your site.

Thousands of different plugins allow you to set useful features for visitors. Of course, overloading the engine with extensions is not worth it, but if they help increase attendance, then why not take advantage of it.

Subscribing to WordPress comments is a great way to motivate commentators to return to the site.

When you write a comment, after half an hour you forget about it and do not return to the site, but if a notification has arrived in the mail and someone starts arguing, discussing or expressing his opinion, it is interesting to return to the page.

How to subscribe to WordPress comments?

After installing the commentators subscription, you will immediately notice how the attendance and repeated transitions to the site increased. To add such a function, you need to install a plugin (included in the TOP plugins for WordPress).

The extension is free and is installed like any other plugins. After it is loaded, a new item will appear in the administrative panel menu:

How to subscribe to WordPress comments?

When you click on this item, you will see a large form of settings. In the upper part, specify from whom the letters will come, and also enter the Email address:

How to subscribe to WordPress comments?

In the Subscribe to comments plugin there is one useful function, here you can specify the text that commentators will see in the form:

How to subscribe to WordPress comments?

Enter your own texts in these forms so that the comments form looks original. Having set all the parameters, do not forget to save the changes:

How to subscribe to WordPress comments?

In the Russian version, this is the button "Update settings". Click on it and after that you can set the code in the form of comments. To do this, you need to find in the root of the site a file called comment. php and before the form closes, add the line:

. ? php show_manual_subscription_form (); ?
Some suggest upgrading the code and forcing a subscription to comments. It is better not to do this, because some people do not need it and then they will simply mark the letters as spam.

Having done all these actions, you will get something like this:

How to subscribe to WordPress comments?

It is not that difficult to automatically send people notifications about replies to comments, and the plugin is almost does not load the site, so everyone should use it.

Mobile Internet is developing, and how convenient is it to use your website from a phone or tablet? It's time to create a mobile version of WordPress, especially since special plugins have already been created for this.

The quality of the site depends on its performance. If you want people to like the resource, they actively commented on the entries, returned to the site - install the necessary functions. The more comfortable it is for people to use the site, the more they will spend on it and the more often they will return to it.

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