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Considering how often and sometimes cardinally Google and Yandex update their algorithms, many SEO experts are beginning to seriously think about alternative sources of traffic and other tactics that would allow less to depend on search engine experiments.

So, one of the "secret weapons" today is considered traffic from social networks. There are several reasons for this.

how to strengthen, analyze, multiply - Profit Hunter

  • About 50% of people in Russia use social networks (in big cities - up to 80%). And this audience includes the most solvent and active part of the population. On average, people spend 2 hours 11 minutes a day in social networks.
  • Social networks are a relatively inexpensive, yet powerful enough source of targeted, active traffic, including for young sites.
  • Traffic from social networks helps to strengthen the position in the SERP and, therefore, increase search traffic. This is due to the strengthening of behavioral and social metrics that are gaining more and more weight in the Google and Yandex algorithm and for which, according to experts, the future of SEO.

What are behavioral and social metrics and how will they help your site?

Google and Yandex are testing features that would allow you to count less on links in the ranking algorithm and pay more attention to more objective signals that indicate the value of the resource for users.

If we like a particular site, we visit it regularly, review several pages, and share articles with friends. Search engines pay attention to this behavior of users and, depending on this, rank the resource higher or lower in search results. Behavioral factors include, for example, the session time on the site, the number of pages viewed, refusals, active actions (clicks), spheres, repeated visits, etc. Social networks are just the source of such quality traffic, which, on the one hand, strengthens behavioral metrics, and on the other - brings conversion. Therefore, it is in our interest to increase it.

Attract traffic from social networks

how to strengthen, analyze, multiply - Profit Hunter

We determine which social networks work best. According to statistics, VKontakte is the most popular social network in Russia (75%), overtaking Odnoklassniki (69%), Facebook (68%), Google+ (52%) and Twitter (39%). The most active audience "sits" on Vkontakte, Twitter and Facebook. So, according to a Western study, the most balloons accounted for Facebook (41%), Twitter (30%) and Pinterest (20%). But the numbers differ depending on the type of site, company, content.

how to strengthen, analyze, multiply - Profit Hunter Create great content. The goal is viral content that will be happy to share, comment on, and add to bookmarks. Attention! Contrary to the belief that it is the text that provides balls and huskies, there is no connection between the number of balls received by the article and the attention spent by the user on it. This conclusion was made by American researchers after analyzing 10,000 articles. In other words, very often the text is not read. The same incentive for the ball are such elements as illustrations, headings, theme, page design, location and appearance of social buttons (!).

We put social buttons under each published content. And then we will be able to automatize, test what works best. So BuzzFeed as a result of tests found out that the same buttons work differently with different content. Whenever possible, the resource tries to follow the obtained data on which content is more efficient with which buttons.

how to strengthen, analyze, multiply - Profit Hunter

how to strengthen, analyze, multiply - Profit Hunter

how to strengthen, analyze, multiply - Profit Hunter

We create groups in social networks, provide groups with high-quality content and by the audience. Depending on the audience of the groups, the specifics of the company, we choose the optimal tactics for their promotion and getting targeted and active traffic to the site.

We promote groups in Yandex and on Google. With proper work, this tactic will help bring good traffic to your site. Promoting a group is much cheaper, faster and easier than promoting a website. Very useful, informative newsletter on this topic recently made SeoPult.

Attracting traffic from social networks, you need to remember that there is no universal scenario that would work for all companies without exception. So, projects working in the field of entertainment, design, sports, etc., are much more likely to get good social traffic than, say, a brick factory or law firms.

We analyze the received traffic and multiply it with the statistics obtained

Of course, the standard analytics tools Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrics are basic. Here you can clearly see the total amount of traffic and its division by social networks.

But these tools do not provide "fine" statistics, namely:

  • Which site pages get more balls, likes, views, comments?
  • How many new users
  • At what time is it better to publish content to achieve maximum results?
  • Which social networks perform the following goals better: getting likes, balls, comments or views.

In this regard, the UpToLike social statistics module, which is used by more than 75,000 sites, will be much more informative. The tool will provide answers to all the above questions. Moreover, the statistics can be compared page by page. The social traffic report looks, for example, like this:

how to strengthen, analyze, multiply - Profit Hunter

how to strengthen, analyze, multiply - Profit Hunter

Split tests will be useful here, as a result of which you can find the optimal kind of social buttons , the length of the content, its character (illustrations, video, infographics, text), the size of the main elements (titles, illustrations), etc.

Use statistics in practice

It is worth paying attention to at least three possibilities offered by such detailed UpToLike statistics.

Adjustment of the context strategy , as well as the appearance and arrangement of buttons. The data on social activity on the site, the data on the content that works best, according to the results of various kinds of split tests, will help optimize the content and achieve the maximum result.

An example is the O'Neill Clothing case. The company launched the "10% discount" promotion. On the pages with a special offer used the buttons, which, as shown by tests, were more effective than others. As a result, the profit from each click was $ 0.27, and from each Cher - $ 4.45 (the share was put by the buyer after the order was placed). Overall, the company's ROI was 1,535.3%.

Retargeting. Knowing which pages work best, you can run retargeting campaigns to reuse targeted traffic by completing a conversion or reminding the user of the excellent content on your site. The goal is to turn the user into a regular reader.

Repackaging content. Having in front of you a clear statistics of the most successful materials on the site, you can once a month // quarter // half a year // a year, issue digests of the best articles. Thus, these materials will work fine for the second time, bringing back beautiful, active, targeted traffic from social networks.

And some more tips for those who want to get the most out of social traffic

  • how to strengthen, analyze, multiply - Profit Hunter Mobile traffic. Among smartphone owners, 93% use them to search, 82% study products, 39% shop. By adapting the site and the buttons on it for mobile search, you will get that part of the audience that your competitors ignored.
  • Call for action. If you want visitors to perform a certain action, say so, inviting them to share content, comment on it, or join a group on social networks. Call to action boosts conversions.
  • Constantly analyze statistics and adjust strategy. Do not think that you can look once at the data on social activity on the site, make the necessary adjustments and forget about it. Such work should be carried out regularly. This is the only way you can get the most out of social traffic and increase your position in the SERP.

Good luck working with traffic from social networks!

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