How to stop being office plankton?

Hundreds of thousands of people work in the offices of our country, some of whom are quite satisfied with their status in life.

They have a stable job and no serious duties, they perform the same actions that gradually go into automatic mode. But each medal has a downside.

Who likes to be office plankton? Fans of our articles about motivation and dedication will not believe, but there really are office workers who do not want to grow.

Almost everyone has a friend who, it seems, wants to become richer, but does not do anything except work duties.

How to stop being office plankton?

Is it good to work in the office?

Having settled into the office of a serious company, you can find yourself lucky in life. Indeed, some people pay good money for "sitting at the computer," but can it really be fun? According to statistics, 7 out of 10 office clerks periodically think about dismissal.

They would probably do it if there were other options.

In fact, the options are complete, you just need to “open” the eyes. If you collect statistics on the past of bloggers, freelancers and many other Internet workers, it turns out that most of them once were office plankton.

There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, they found the strength to go further, and chose prospects.

If you are reading this article, most likely you also have to get to the office in the morning and lead a monotonous life.

Boredom, work of the same type, lack of development and a financial ceiling, above which not to jump - have you dreamed about this all your life? It's time to take some action and correct the situation.

How to stop being office plankton?

How to get out of the office to work remotely?

You won't be able to do this dramatically, you will have to use the Internet first as a place to work . Combining work in the office and remote side job is quite real, especially since you are an experienced computer user.

What can you do? Draw, write, count, advertise, and can create 3D models? Any skills will come in handy for networking.

If you do not know what to do, read the articles with a detailed description of the different types of earnings in the network:

  • earnings on the Internet on text translations;
  • earnings for creative people with Etsy;
  • earnings for consulting services;
  • earnings for gamers on the Internet;
  • earnings for the network for the architect and builder;
  • making money on the Internet for an engineer;
  • working as a salesman on the Internet;
  • making money on video courses.

It is always hard to start, and you will also have to do additional work. Here you will have to choose, relax in the evenings and relax on the weekends or make efforts to improve your life.

You can work all your life in the office, watching with envy as other people get more and buy more expensive things for themselves.

How to stop being office plankton?

As long as you do not take at least some actions to improve your position in society, no one will do it for you. Like to wait for a good moment? Well, wait for it further, while other people develop and spend a lot of effort, then to relax.

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