How to start making a photographer on the Internet?

One of the popular hobbies of a huge audience is the creation of high-quality images. For many, it all starts with a hobby; expensive appliances are bought for themselves, but gradually it develops, if not into a permanent job, then at least a part-time job. At this really make good money, but a lot depends on the skills.

How to start earning a novice photographer on the Internet? There are plenty of options for turning this hobby into a source of profit. The most popular way is to start selling the best shots or start providing services through freelancing exchanges. But this is not all that a photographer can do.

How to start making a photographer on the Internet?

How do photographers make money on the Internet?

A talented photographer has a large selection of areas. Launch your website, open a photo studio, or at least make a group in social networks to take orders. First it is necessary to consider the basic methods :

  1. Sale of photos.

High-quality images are expensive, but can you create them? Photos of sunset, flowers and other hackneyed content are already catchy. Images are bought for advertising, adding to sites and for many other purposes. Are there lots of offers on photobanks, will you be able to compete with them?

How to start making a photographer on the Internet?

You need to be well-versed in not only shooting, but also damaging photos. The money in this niche turns decent, and photographs can be paid multiple times, because the license is for sale, the copyright remains for the photographer. We will talk about this method separately, because the niche is serious and attractive.

  • Freelance Exchange.

The Internet is constantly looking for professionals who can work with photos on a professional level. There are various offers on freelance exchanges, there are orders for beginning photographers:

How to start making a photographer on the Internet?

The work is diverse, often it is associated with image processing. In addition to services with offers from employers, it is worth registering at and where you can add your ad. Present examples of your work, use competitive prices, invent chips:

How to start making a photographer on the Internet?

If you want to find work outside the Internet, go to forums and social groups. networks related to your city. There you can find customers or place an ad for services.

  • Contests, draws.

The Internet will also be useful for photographers to find major events. Photo contests are held periodically by large companies. Some need high-quality images, others make themed events, and still others are looking for talented photographers. So in 2016 at the Leica Oskar Barnack Award for the best shot, the author received 25,000 euros .

Creative people do not always find profitable use of their skills. Now there are so many photographers that due to the pressure of competition, many decide to quit their hobby. But you cannot refuse your favorite work, the options presented above, this is not all.

A simple way for an amateur photographer to make

Before moving on to a difficult and profitable job on photobanks, I would like to say about a light job for beginning photographers. The copywriting exchange is used by thousands of people to make money on selling articles, but there is also an image store. Not only photos are added here:

How to start making a photographer on the Internet?

While there are not many customers here, but for a beginner this is a good option. Yes, average prices are low, but at the start there are no difficulties and the quality requirements are not so high. There is no need to confirm passport data, pass verification. Even a Nankank card can be withdrawn:

How to start making a photographer on the Internet?

Of course, this is not a photo bank and sales are not a frequent occurrence here. But due to the simplicity of working with the service and the absence of complex barriers, a beginner should register here. Let them be small, but still the money here can be earned.

How to start earning a photographer on photo banks?

The most profitable and interesting earnings for a photographer are selling pictures. To work with photo hosting will have to undergo various checks and create really high-quality, interesting photos. On this topic it is worthwhile to focus attention, here are the main points of such work:

  1. How photobanks work?

These services are intermediaries between buyers and photographers. Terms of cooperation are different, as well as remuneration. It depends on the type of sale. First, different photo banks offer different licenses for uploading images. Secondly, the photo can be sold with copyright, or with the right to use. There is a demand not only for photographs, video clips, vector graphics and other materials are being used.

  • Rules for working with photo stocks.

Each photo bank has its own rules, but as a rule, they only concern passing the exam and image requirements. If the site has an exam, then you need to prepare for it. Choose the best shots from your work, not everyone can get tested. The second important point is the passport data, which is now required on almost all popular photo hosting sites. Also let's talk about some features of adding photos:

  • uploading files in high resolution and ISO format;
  • using RAW format (convenient for further editing);
  • you need to adjust the colors, shadows and different noises;
  • the maximum photo size, mainly in Jpeg and the sRGB color profile;
  • setting the keywords to each image correctly;
  • no advertising (even hidden);
  • permission from people whose faces are depicted in the pictures.

This is not all that the author of the images should take into account. Moderators rigidly filter the added images, the content should be interesting, as already mentioned, jaded photos can only be rejected due to low demand.

  • How much do photographers earn?

Revenues of photobank users vary greatly. The fact is that too many factors affect the level of earnings. For example, on one of the photo hosting sites, under the cheapest license, you can receive as little as $ 3. And if the license is expensive, then the price goes up to $ 60 .

Authors are not prohibited from working in parallel with multiple photobanks. However, exclusive materials (not posted on other photo hosting sites) bring in more money. Why use analogs at all? The same pictures can be in different demand.

According to reviews, amateur photographers earn up to $ 100 a month by downloading a couple of shots per week. More experienced users who are serious about this business, receive $ 500 per month . Only units have income over $ 1000, they are real pros with a huge portfolio, untwisted accounts and loyal customer bases.

  • Tips for making money by selling photos.

Newbies often make the mistake of registering with photobanks, where rewards are higher. As a rule, such services make higher quality requirements and it will be much more difficult to upload pictures there. Therefore, a novice photographer is better to choose a loyal exchange.

To increase revenues, you need to gain experience, and this is not possible without the constant addition of pictures for sale. At the start, you need to work out 10 times more, as well as analyze the statistics. Personal sales will help you figure out which pictures are in high demand.

There is a lot of competition on photostocks, it becomes more difficult to stand out. Therefore, you need to come up with your chip. It can be anything from the use of the same color scheme to linking with popular books and films.

In order to receive normal money from the sale of your photos, you need to delve into this type of earnings. Here work their own rules, which you learn only when they begin to receive money into the account. So feel free to register on photobanks and start uploading pictures.

How to start making a photographer on the Internet?

List of the best photobanks (photo stocks)

Most of the most popular photobanks are foreign projects. Some of them have been translated into Russian, but even if everything is in English, the interface is not difficult to understand. Foreigners often buy pictures, so don’t give up on projects, even if they don’t have a language for you:

  1. is the most popular photo bank in the world, here photos are sold as quickly as possible. The work requires an examination, the presentation of 10 examples of work. Sales are conducted on subscriptions (several licenses) or piece by piece. Payments from $ 100 by check, to PayPal or Skrill.
  2. - there are serious requirements for the quality of work. To pass the exam, you must submit 5 examples of work. Several types of licenses, the authors receive from 45% of the sale of the image. Withdraw from $ 50 on PayPal, Skrill or Webmoney. The site is supported by the Russian language.
  3. - no need to pass an exam, ideal for earning a novice photographer. Payment by subscription and per piece, the authors receive from 25% to 45%. New pictures are installed in the search above. Payments from $ 50 to PayPal. The site has a high-quality Russian version.
  4. is another good option for a novice photographer. There are no exams, payment is carried out under different licenses or for a separate picture. From the cost of the image, the author gets half. Payments from $ 100 to PayPal, Srkill and Payoneer.
  5. - a popular domestic photo bank. Here the authors are also paid 50% of the image value. With each photographer is a real contract. Payment by license. To order a payment, you need to dial at least 1500 rubles. Transferred to a bank account, Payoneer or PayPal.
  6. - the youngest of the presented photobanks, but is developing rapidly. The requirements are tough, and for the start you need to download 3 sample images. Moderation is serious, remuneration from 20% to 40%, payments from $ 100 to Skrill, PayPal wallets, by check or to MasterCard.

These are the main services offering to make money by selling photos. They are used by authors from all over the world and just as well, buyers from all countries come here to find suitable images. As we have already said, you can simultaneously work with several sites and add the same images to them.

How to start making a photographer on the Internet?

Alternative ways to make money for a photographer

A good photographer is a valuable specialist, and the skills and knowledge gained can be used for profit in different niches. With any interests, you can step further and come up with an idea for real big money:

  1. Selling info products.

The best way to earn money on any knowledge is to create training materials. Record video tutorials, make instructions, manuals for a novice photographer, and sell them. Ideally, this will require its own platform (where the goods will be presented), but you can attract partners. Download courses on and offer partners a generous percentage of the sale. They will advertise the product and attract buyers.

  • Creating your own photo studio.

Difficult, but interesting and profitable option. All photographers know that there is a long line in popular studios. It is necessary to wait when the place becomes free and to pay for the rent A creative person can create an unusual design, realize the most daring ideas and earn good money. Yes, you have to spend a lot of money, but this is already a complete idea for a business.

  • Creating a blog.

An active photographer is constantly changing something, he discovers many new things, gains experience. All this can be shared on your own website and thus attract visitors. It is a lot of beginning photographers, sometimes professionals come on such resources. If you do not understand this, visit our page - how to create a blog.

It contains links to useful materials, a beginner can launch a simple website in just an hour. The most important thing is the stable content of the site and interesting content. To monetize a popular site in various ways, the most common is advertising.

  • Collaboration with local publications.

In each city there are different publishers, and now many of them have moved to the Internet. They all need high-quality, exclusive materials. A professional photographer always has something to offer such projects. It will be even better if you can accompany your photo material to text. The main thing is to find publishers and agree on payment.

  • Selling large photos.

Creativity is the best weapon of a creative person to attract attention. Competition in the niche of photographers is now high, you need to pull something. One option is a large format print. Yes, and this is often the case in the network, but the idea is still original:

How to start making a photographer on the Internet?

You can not be limited to A3 formats, create whole banners. Plus, if you take pictures and process them yourself, all stages of development will be monitored. Attachments are not required, sufficiently low-cost wide format printing services.

  • Collages, albums, books.

Another version of the modernization of its services. Ordinary photographs no longer interest anyone. But collages, modular paintings, books, unusual albums - is another matter. Great gift and interesting product for yourself. The network is full of templates and source materials for the development of all of this. For example, there is a service where you can order a book with illustrations, where the main character will be the child of the buyer.

  • Processing, restoration of photos.

A novice photographer needs to learn not only to make high-quality pictures, but also to work with graphic editors. With their help, it is possible to improve the quality of any photograph, moreover, such skills allow you to work in several more directions. Often looking for professionals to process images or restore old photos. As a rule, this idea only supplements the main business.

  • A beautiful account on Instagram.

Many people underestimate social networks, but a promoted page can bring hundreds of thousands every month. We have already told how to make money on Instagram. Accounts with a million subscribers, for each advertising post bring 5-10 thousand rubles. On the day you can add a few pieces.

How to start making a photographer on the Internet?
How to start making a photographer on the Internet?

Why use Instagram? Because this social network is mostly tied to beautiful photos.In parallel, you can vestistranchku VK and on similar sites, as long as there is enough time.

It is quite possible to earn a photographer through the Internet or outside of it, and with any skill level. It is important to treat your activity not just as a hobby, but as a full-fledged business. You also can not be limited to one way, you need to try yourself in different directions, the only way to find "your" niche.

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