How to start a copywriter? How to start a copywriter career?

When newcomers only learn about the possibility of earning money on the Internet, they are often in a hurry and set themselves too high a bar.

This also applies to newcomers in the field of copywriting, who only heard about making money on writing articles right there register on exchanges and submit orders for the execution of orders.

In most cases, customers attract copywriters not to save time, but to get high-quality, optimized and interesting text, and considering your skills, you are simply not able to create material that corresponds to their ideas. That is why every newcomer should know where to start a copywriter.

How to start a copywriter? How to start a copywriter career?

Before you dive into the sphere of writing texts, practice writing comments for sites. There are several systems that pay to do this work.

  • Wmmail;
  • Seosprint;
  • Advego;
  • Qcomment.

The last option is a specialized commentary exchange, the rest of the projects contain many different tasks, so you will need to sort them. In any case, you will get practice and you can start somewhere. We advise you to read how to perform tasks on Advego.

When you learn to write comments and at least a little you will understand the uniqueness of texts, their volumes and other subtleties, go to rewriting. This is a more difficult way to earn money, in which you will use other people's texts, and create new materials for sale. In the article Earnings on rewriting, we described this direction in more detail.

Try to perform high-quality rewriting, because you need to attract the attention of buyers, get positive feedback and score a good rating in order to develop your business. The rewriting is not prohibited, it is accepted on any exchanges, but it is required to indicate in the text type that the material was created using the source.

How to start a copywriter? How to start a copywriter career?

After working with rewriting, you can switch to copywriting, then to SEO copywriting. These areas will be available to you when you learn to compose high-quality texts and have a sufficient level of knowledge. It is not only about literacy articles, knowledge is also needed in order to influence the speed of sales of materials.

Only after that it makes sense to take up orders that bring the highest profit. Understanding SEO and having the skills to create high-quality copywriting, you will have a real opportunity to competently carry out various orders. The most important thing is not to hurry and understand that professional copywriting is not just a retelling of existing texts.

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