How to spend time in social networks?

Humanity is obsessed with social networks, people spend more time on their pages than they sleep, and their dependence on society is to blame.

Many do not want to meet in person or want to post photos so that they can be seen by a huge number of people. Everyone has their own interests, but the time wasted is colossal.

How to use social networks? If it is impossible to give up something, then this should be turned into a profitable hobby.

Now social. networks have become a popular hobby, and if you are one of the people whose pages always have Online status, consider turning the hobby into a profitable business .

How to spend time in social networks?

Make social. network source of profits

While some users thoughtlessly put likes, others earn on it.

Some people do not even realize that the ads placed in the popular community brought 10 000 rubles (or even more) to someone. Even on creating beautiful avatars and selling signals, people earn money from their hobbies.

There are several ways to turn social networks into a source of profit, here are the main ones:

  1. Likes, reposts, retweets. Absolutely for any actions you can get money and specifically for this, cheat systems have been created. There, people throw money to collect a bunch of comments, video views, gather friends and subscribers.

    The best systems are presented in the article about earnings on social networks, the revenues there are not large, but everything is simple.

  2. How to spend time in social networks?
  3. Monetization of pages. Like to chat, make new friends, add friends and collect subscribers? Popular profiles can be monetized profitably. Naturally, you should have lots of friends and followers to do this.

    The best way to make money on such pages is to sell links through (publish advertising posts):

  4. How to spend time in social networks?
  5. Creating Communities. With one account, you can run as many communities as you like and at the same time engage in their promotion. They can also be added to Blogun, but even more profitable to use.

    Communities with the number of participants from 10,000 are accepted, after which you can choose an offer and sell some products to receive a percentage for it:

  6. How to spend time in social networks?
  7. Freelance. This option is suitable for people who know how to do something. Any skills will be useful - administration of communities, promotion of public tables, creation of posts, development of logos and avatars, communication with potential customers through social services. networks and so on.

    There are constantly offers on cooperation in this area on the stock exchange:

  8. How to spend time in social networks?

As you see, there are several ways to turn your love of social networks into a profitable business . Let you also sit for 10 hours a day on your pages or communities, only you will be dripping money into the account.

Successful people do not miss any opportunity and value their time . Even the hour that is spent on social networks would help you raise some money. Think about it again, looking at the clock when you sit on Odnoklassniki, Vk, Facebook and their analogs.

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