How to set up auto refresh browser pages?

When you watch for news, a change in the account in any game or the voting process on the Internet, you have to constantly update the page.

Experienced users advise not to waste time on manually updating pages, but use special scripts.

But far from everyone is able to use program codes, so there are often questions on forums like, How to set up automatic updating of browser pages? You can do this by installing special extensions. Add-ons have been developed for each browser, and you can use them for free.

How to set up auto refresh browser pages?

Automatic updating of pages in the browser

In this article, we will look at extensions for the most popular browsers, with the help of which you can easily configure the automatic update of pages in the browser, with the option indication of periodicity:

1. Google Chrome.
For the most popular browser, many different extensions are developed for automatically setting page refresh, but the best is. After its installation, a new icon will appear on the URL panel, and if you click on it, the parameters open:

How to set up auto refresh browser pages?

As you can see, there are not so many settings, by default you are offered to select one of options for the frequency of updates or specify your value in seconds. To work the extension, just click the Start button.

2. Mozilla Firefox.
In this browser platform, there is also no standard tool for automatic page refresh, so you will have to install the extension. Before it starts, you need to restart your browser.

After that, on any site, you can right-click to set auto-update:

How to set up auto refresh browser pages?

The first two lines are for selecting an automatic update to be applied. only to the page you are on or for all tabs. A choice of several options for the frequency, and if you click Customize, you can set your own interval.

3. Opera.
Unlike previous browsers, this program has a tool to configure automatic updates. To use it, you need to call the context menu on any page and select the appropriate item:

How to set up auto refresh browser pages?

As with the use of extensions, you can use the suggested intervals here or set your own in the Custom section. The Never item is intended to cancel auto-update.

We often look for complex ways to solve simple problems, also here. Now you know what to do when you need to press F5 every 2 seconds , put it on the machine and do not waste time.

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