How to sell products Vkontakte, useful tips

Using the Internet to open a store or sell something is much easier than in real life.

The boundaries are erased in the network, so a person can become a client from any corner of the planet. Due to this, it is possible to reach the largest audience. If you do not have the money and knowledge to open a full-fledged online store, you can conduct sales in social networks.

How to sell Vkontakte products? Yesterday this site was visited by over 20 million users, just imagine that at least 1% were your customers.

You would have made a lot of money, but for this you first need to create a platform. This may be a regular group, which will provide detailed information about your activities and products.

How to sell products Vkontakte, useful tips

Payment for Vkontakte products

The function of adding products to this social network is already there, but so far payment has not been received. It may appear in the future, but for now you will have to negotiate with customers individually or send them to a page with payment in the online store.

Now almost everyone uses online banking and payment systems, so you can simply agree on the transfer of funds.

In order for people to start contacting you and to see the assortment, you need to create a community and add products to it.

This is done simply, and so that you do not get confused, we have prepared instructions on how to add products to the Vkontakte group:

  1. Go to the community page and go on to manage it:
  2. How to sell products Vkontakte, useful tips
  3. Scroll down the page, opposite "Products" choose "Enabled" and fill out the form that appears:
  4. How to sell products Vkontakte, useful tips
  5. Now when you go to the page group, you will see a new block and a button for adding a product to Vkontakte:
  6. How to sell products Vkontakte, useful tips
  7. When adding a product, you must specify its name, insert a description and a picture, and add value:
  8. How to sell products Vkontakte, useful tips
  9. Tep ь product appears in the group, and when it is selected, the potential buyer will see the following card:
  10. How to sell products Vkontakte, useful tips

There is a button "write to the seller", if you click on it, a simple one opens window for dialogue. In it, the client can write anything, and you will see in front of "My Messages", the notification "+1".

Then you can discuss with him the details of the order or simply give a link to the product page in the online store. It is so easy to sell Vkontakte products, but do not think that after adding goods, thousands of buyers will start contacting you.

Selling Vkontakte products, useful tips

In order to successfully sell and raise them, you have to work hard. Experienced vendors and marketers perform a bunch of different actions and use tricks to attract attention and lure customers:

  • for selling products are more suitable for groups rather than public pages;
  • choosing a name for the community, start from statistics;
  • attract the attention of users with sweepstakes (which competition to hold in the Vkontakte group);
  • design of the site also plays an important role, load a beautiful avatar; 34>
  • publish interesting posts every day to keep the group "alive";
  • pod read the message in the group so that everyone can ask questions;
  • look at what account the Vkontakte businessman needs, this is also important;
  • create a page through the discussions where reviews will be added;
  • there should be members in the community, learn how to create a Vkontakte group without a ban;
  • do not even think about spam, do not manually send invitations to the community;
  • exchange posts with administrators of other communities;
  • promote the community, we have already told how to raise the Vkontakte group in the TOP;
  • to increase the attendance capacity, use targeted advertising Vkontakte.

These recommendations are followed by every experienced seller . If you make a serious effort and try hard, you can quickly go to numerous sales.

Don't have time to do all this? You can always find an employee through the exchange


Now you know how to create Vkontakte products and what you need to do so that people become interested in them. People use this method even for the sale of affiliate products.

Buyers need to be searched by any available means, and social networks have high attendance, so one of them really attract a lot of buyers.

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