How to sell links without AGS? selling links without risk

Far from all methods of monetizing sites do not bring negative impact on the resource. If the installation of banners and shocking teasers can affect behavioral factors, then the sale of links may bring the site under the AGS. If search site filters are superimposed on the site, the main source of traffic can be considered blocked, and it is very difficult to remove the site from the AGS.

Selling links is a profitable way of making money on the sites, and with the right approach you can significantly reduce the risks of getting the site under filters. How to sell links without AGS? First of all, you should understand that the filter is applied if your actions become obvious to the search engines.

On the basis of this, you need to sell the links carefully and do it so that you are not suspected of this.

How to sell links without AGS? selling links without risk

What you need to consider in order to sell links without risk?

  • The first and most important thing that you should consider is not to sell links to those until your site goes out of the sandbox filter. Absolutely all young resources fall into it, it’s not difficult to get out of it, it’s enough to develop a resource for 6 to 12 months.
  • On one page of your site should not be installed more than 2 links.
  • Try not to place links absolutely on all pages, let some pages contain no external links at all.
  • You shouldn’t just set links to the page; mount them correctly in the text so that the link looks like natural.
  • Be sure to check the sites to which you are going to link. Search engines will surely check which sites your resource links to, and with a large number of non-quality projects, you will fall under suspicion.
  • The more links you sell, the more you earn, this is understandable, but don't hurry. It is better to gradually develop the site and simultaneously sell links, than to add a huge number of links and get banned from search engines. In other words, keep track of the concentration of external links.
  • By installing links, you transfer weight to other sites and act as a donor. Naturally, sooner or later, this weight will dry out, and the indicators of puzomerok will shed. In order to prevent this, in parallel purchase links for your site.
  • Do not stop developing your resource; consistently fill it with information.
  • Pay special attention to behavioral factors. Sites with excellent behavioral indicators will never be added to filters, this is 100% protected.

How to sell links without AGS? selling links without risk

With the sale of links, you can receive substantial deductions, but because of the filters, you can lose the source of profit in an instant, so you need to take care of reducing risks in advance. Now you know how to do it and don’t allow your resources to fall under search engine filters.

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