How to secure your browser? TOP 6 browser add-ons

The Internet brings many positive emotions into our lives and expands our capabilities, but it can also cause problems.

It is through the World Wide Web that viruses spread, so you need to think ahead over the security of your system.

To access the network, we all use browsers and, despite the best efforts of the developers of these programs, hackers manage to find vulnerabilities in order to gain access to the information of victims. How to secure your browser? You can increase the level of protection of the browser platform due to special extensions.

How to secure your browser? TOP 6 browser add-ons

Browser Security Extensions

  1. . The most popular extension, suitable for all popular browsers. The main purpose of the software is ad blocking. In addition, after its installation, you can block individual elements of any site. We presented detailed instructions on how to use the add-on in the article How to Remove Ads from Websites.
  2. . From the name of this plugin you can already guess about its purpose. It is needed to block all running scripts on the site. In terms of security, this is an ideal option that will protect not only against viruses downloaded via JavaScript or Java. In this case, the sites will disappear all the functionality, so use them when switching to dubious resources. Only suitable for Mazilla FireFox.
  3. . All Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users can use this extension. After its installation, your profiles will be constantly scanned and if you find problems with the protection of confidential data, you will be notified immediately. Also, this add-on determines if someone is watching your online activities.
  4. . This extension can be installed in any browser to receive information about the reputation of any resource. Enough to visit the site and click on a special button in the browser to assess the reputation. Also, when switching to questionable sites, the extension will inform about a low level of security.

How to secure your browser? TOP 6 browser add-ons

All users need to think about a safe visit to the Internet, and those who also earn on the network need to immediately make their browsers secure. Every day hundreds of thousands of computers are being cracked, do not let scammers replenish the number of victims.

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