How to score on Seosprint?

Each quality system has a rating system for earnings, so that all users can go up the career ladder.

The Seosprint project is no different in this regard, it also has a rating system that allows you not only to increase account solidity, but also to open access to additional features.

Seosprint has a rating and statuses that indicate how active the user is.

The more this indicator is, the more opportunities a participant receives, so beginners are often interested in how to get a rating on Seosprint? And it rises due to several factors, which we describe in this article.

How does the rating increase on Seosprint?

  • you will receive the first rating unit when you change the status of a passerby to worker status. Make it easy, just fill in your personal information in your profile;
  • every day, when you switch to your account, an apple will appear next to your status. If you click on it, the rating will be added to 0. 2;

How to score on Seosprint?

  • ; you get an extra unit to the rating every time your new referrals change status from a passerby to a worker;
  • from each 10 rubles spent by your referrals-advertisers, you get 0. 2 ratings;
  • you get the same rating (0. 2) every time your referrals withdraw 10 rubles. At the same time, funds received from the fair are not taken into account;
  • the rating is also increased due to the fact that you withdraw money from the system. Each withdrawn 10 rubles brings 0. 2 ratings.

If you want to quickly gain a lot of rating, then you have 2 best ways - this is to actively attract referrals or work hard and earn money to withdraw as much as possible from the system .

When collecting a rating on a Seosprint, you should also consider that it can be charged. For example, if you do not log into your account for a week, a rating unit will be deducted from it. And if on the forum of this click sponsor you get a ban, then the rating will decrease by 2.

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