How to save on site design? competent design savings

When you start your own website, each webmaster wants to come up with an original design and make it not look like the others.

A complete website design consists of a huge number of elements, from menu blocks, to icons and buttons. On freelance exchanges or in special companies, they will charge you a decent amount for quality work, which is a big expense.

How to save on website design? You can save a part of your money, by creating various elements on your own, and then, the designer will only have to impose a template for you. Of course, not many people understand Photoshop, so as an option you can use the finished work.

How to save on site design? competent design savings

Competent savings on design

In this article we will provide you with several useful resources that will be useful to you for developing or downloading various elements of website design.

  1. is a foreign resource where you can download a huge number of different design elements. In addition to the set of icons and buttons in PSD formats, there are even laid out menu options, both for regular sites and for mobile versions. There are also design options for players, image galleries, product cards, etc.
  2. Photoshop. domfailov. ru - in order not to download or install Photoshop software, you can use the online version. It has all the necessary tools, and you can also use effects. This service can also be useful for obtaining unique images, which we described in the article Where to Get Unique Images for the Site.
  3. Dabuttonfactory. com is a simple button builder through which you can get a high-quality image online. The functionality of the site is not wide, but it is quite enough to develop the necessary buttons with their own inscriptions.
  4. Iconfinder. com - the largest database of various icons for sites collected here. This foreign project contains icons not only for social networks, here you will find a huge number of design works for your menu or original design of buttons.
  5. 365psd. com - by the name of the site it is already possible to guess that it contains a huge collection of images in PSD format. All sorts of icons, design for players, tables and much more you will find and be able to download for free.
  6. Dafont. com - no interesting site design can do without the original font, and with the help of this resource you can find a huge number of different fonts, the only negative - they are suitable only for English.
  7. Fudgegraphics. com - using this interesting site, many designers are exploring new ways to work with Photoshop. It is made in English, so it is not suitable for learning, but on it you can find a huge number of original brushes, fonts and other usefulness for Photoshop.

How to save on site design? competent design savings

To significantly save on the development of a unique design, you can use ready-made templates. It will be much easier for a designer to change the elements of a site than to start from the very beginning. For WordPress engines, we recommend to look for templates on, for Joomla.

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