How to run Java on a computer?

On the computer, you can run applications of any format. Now programs and games on Android are very common, they can be run through special emulators.

Java games and programs used to be very popular, and some people still use them.

A Java emulator on a computer helps launch any applications without a mobile device.

Why might this be necessary? For example, if you are talking about an application and want to take screenshots, you can run it through an emulator and show people the possibilities (many still use Java-enabled phones).

How to run Java on a computer?

Many high-quality emulators have been developed, each of them copes with its main purpose, but we advise. You can use it for free and find it on the network is not difficult. What functions does this software have?

  • supports 3D graphics;
  • allows you to zoom in and out;
  • you can record video through it;
  • changes window size;
  • there is a virtual keyboard;
  • you can connect to the Internet;
  • any type of application is supported;
  • SMS sending is monitored.

The program has many other functions and settings that will definitely be useful to you. When install the emulator, immediately go to the settings. First, select the device to be emulated, and also set the window size:

How to run Java on a computer?

Then go to the second tab of the "KeyMap" settings. Here you can set the keys to control:

How to run Java on a computer?

Install them at your own discretion, because everyone has their own ideas about convenience. The remaining settings are better not to touch. Close the window and go to the launch through the main menu.

If the Russian version is used, then everything is simple, and if English, then select the item Midlet, and then Load jar . It remains only to specify the path to the JAVA file:

How to run Java on a computer?

Even application developers use the program to test the results of their work.

Dangerous viruses also spread through Java applications, and the function of sending paid SMS is often added to them. To avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters, run games and programs on the emulator and check them.

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