How to restore a page on Facebook?

There are often problems with social networks. People are hacked, blocked for breaking the rules, and some of them delete their pages, after which they want to restore access to them.

You can always do this, the main thing is to know how to contact technical support for help.

We already told you how to delete a Facebook page. After performing the necessary actions, the profile is either deactivated or erased.

Facebook page removed, how to recover? In some cases, it is already impossible to do this if the complete removal function was used.

How to restore a page on Facebook?

Restore Facebook page

When people voluntarily delete a profile and it takes 2 weeks, the information is completely erased, you can’t return the account. If the page was blocked by the administration, it was hacked or you simply deactivated it, you need to contact the representatives of Facebook.

Like other sites, there is technical support that solves any user problems. You can contact it via this link:

To get help, you need to specify the address of your page (ask him to send your friends). You also need to describe in detail the situation where you lost access to your profile:

How to restore a page on Facebook?

Try to tell everything as it is, if you break the rules, say, they are ready to correct.

If there is any evidence that you have nothing to do with, or other supporting documents, upload them through the form for adding files. After clicking the "Send" button, the following notification should appear:

How to restore a page on Facebook?

Unlike many popular services (the same Google), it's quite possible for Facebook to restore its page. Even if the rules are repeatedly violated, you can remove restrictions. Well, if the page is deleted on Facebook personally, you will have to create it again.

When you restore the page, be sure to try your earnings on Facebook. This is a great version of a side job that does not require investments.

Do not panic, if you log in to your account, you see "The page on Facebook is deleted." Most likely, someone tried to erase the profile, but 14 days have not yet passed, everything returns easily. The main time to write to technical support and describe everything in detail, otherwise they will not be able to help you.

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