How to restore a deleted channel on youtube?

Among the video bloggers, there are also newbies who do not even think about possible problems and calmly delete all videos from the computer loaded on the video hosting. Doing this categorically is impossible, since it is quite possible that you will lose all content irrevocably.

How to restore the YouTube channel? If you accidentally delete your Google account, you can restore it along with the channel for some time.

If the channel was deleted through the settings, then returning it will not work . Therefore, you should always make backup copies and store them in several places at once.

How to restore a deleted channel on youtube?

YouTube Channel Backup

There are no programs that automatically back up the channels, so you have to act manually. Some bloggers do not want to bother and just duplicate all the entries on the second channel, however, this is prohibited.

If the main channel is blocked, then the second channel can be immediately closed. Plus, copies of videos have a negative impact on the promotion or because of this they can close the site.

The surest way to save all your videos is to never delete them from your computer. Buy a separate hard drive, if you have been doing this for a long time and you have accumulated a lot of video material.

Promoted channel owners even rent servers to safely store data. Alternatively, you can use cloud storage.

On give free 15 GB. each user. Also, you can use the memory on and. Even if this volume is not enough, you can always buy a place (on Google the lowest rates).

How to quickly copy all videos from YouTube?

A special tool is available to all Google users to save data from additional services.

To copy the data, follow the link. On the page, you can choose from which services to save data:

How to restore a deleted channel on youtube?

At the moment we are talking about backups from YouTube, so we only select this service and click "Next." In the next step, you will be prompted to select the format of the downloaded files (choose ZIP) and the retrieval method (as you prefer):

How to restore a deleted channel on youtube?

Please note that you can select "Via Google Drive". This feature should be used by every video blogger. By systematically saving all files in the cloud storage, you protect the channel from accidental loss.

The YouTube administration has repeatedly blocked channels for strange reasons, and their owners later experienced serious difficulties, as they did not make copies in a timely manner, and from the computer all their work was deleted.

But even if the videos are copied, problems appear at the close of the channel, because the site was unwinding, and you have to start from scratch.

To never block your channels, try not to violate the rules of video hosting and, if necessary, remove the video from YouTube, even if you just suspect its content.

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