How to remove Yandex Money wallet?

Payment systems have opened up a lot of different possibilities for all of us, but some people do not appreciate them.

There are even those who want to stop using the electronic wallet. The reasons may be different, starting with a distrust of the payment system, ending with a forgotten password.

I am often asked how to remove Yandex. Money. Regardless of the reasons, absolutely everything can do it, there is only one nuance.

Together with the virtual account, all data will be erased and it will be impossible to recover it. Until you have done this, read the article about the Yandex payment system. Money, perhaps you change your mind.

How to remove Yandex Money wallet?

Is it difficult to delete a Yandex wallet. Money?

To erase all your account information permanently, you need to spend no more than 2 minutes. Please note that delete Yandex. Money without a control question is impossible, although always available, ready to solve any problems.

How to delete history in Yandex. Money? It is impossible to do this, since fraudsters who hacked someone’s wallet could easily hide.

If you have firmly decided to get rid of the wallet in the popular payment system, then you need to go to the address. If not logged in, log in and re-follow the link.

On the page you will see the link you need:

How to remove Yandex Money wallet?

After clicking on it, another page opens. It presents an alert about possible solutions to problems, and also shows all the additional Yandex services to which your account is attached.

Remember that you delete the profile completely, and not only the wallet separately. To confirm the actions, at the bottom of the page there is a form with a control question and captcha, enter data and delete the account:

How to remove Yandex Money wallet?

This is the only way to delete payments in Yandex. Money. Cardinal, but 100%, because the recovery function does not provide . In addition, to open a new profile with the same login will not work.

Delete a Yandex number. You will always have time for the money, do not rush, look better, where to earn Yandex. Money. A wallet is useful to you to accept payments and withdraw funds.

In all payment systems there is a function of deleting an account, however, it is necessary to resort to its use only as a last resort. Do not look for easy ways, communicate with support, restore the profile, if possible.

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