How to remove Vkontakte music from your group page?

Pages in social networks eventually fill with a huge amount of information, and because of this there is a need to purge.

For example, some people want to permanently remove some audio from their page, but they don’t know how to do it .

How to delete Vkontakte music? The standard functionality of this social network offers the simplest way to delete audio recordings. But it is not always convenient to delete audio one by one, and check each one.

In this article we will describe, how to remove Vkontakte's music and present the best ways .

How to remove Vkontakte music from your group page?

Deleting Vkontakte's music

The easiest way to remove a recording from your page is to go into your audio recordings and when you hover over, press the delete button:

How to remove Vkontakte music from your group page?

After clicking on the cross, the audio recording will be removed from your list ( but not from Vkontakte ). Many people are interested in how to restore deleted music on Vkontakte, and this can be done only if you have not left the page with records after deletion.

If you clicked delete, the name of the song becomes transparent and a plus appears on the right:

How to remove Vkontakte music from your group page?

If the page has not been updated, you can click on this plus and the music will be restored on your page.

How to delete all Vkontakte music?

Do you need to delete all audio recordings from your page or group? Take advantage of the program. It has functions for working with media. To delete audio recordings, you need to go to Profile. Cleaning. Remove media. After that, several options will appear for deleting music:

How to remove Vkontakte music from your group page?

As you can see, you can delete all the songs that have been removed or blocked, as well as remove all duplicates. The program is free, and in addition to these functions, it has a lot of other tools.

Deleting Vkontakte's music is not at all difficult, and now you know several ways to do it. If there is no cross in front of the audio recording, then try to play it Also next to the cross there is a pencil icon, you can change the description or the name of any entry on your page.

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