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Social networks enslave Internet users, but given the advantages of using them, it is impossible to call these sites unnecessary.

At least through them you can create new pages and it is profitable to monetize them. We told how to do this in the article “You can make a lot of money with Vkontakte,” but sometimes users want to refuse the created page.

How to remove Vkontakte Public? Before you do this, you should seriously think about it, since it’s impossible to return a public page.

If she has a lot of subscribers, you can even try to sell the site. You have firmly decided that you need to get rid of the page? Then you will need our instructions.

How to remove public VK? | Workion. ru

Deleting the public VK

Unfortunately, now according to the rules of the social network, you cannot completely get rid of the page. The only thing that can be done is that all subscribers have succeeded, content and make the public private (that is, accessible only to you).

You must first manually remove all participants, and then translate the page into a group to make it private.

This is done like this:

  1. Select the item "Transfer to group" under the avatar:
  2. How to remove public VK? | Workion. ru
  3. A warning appears, click "Translate":
  4. How to remove public VK? | Workion. ru
  5. Now the public has become a community, go to the management of it:
  6. How to remove public VK? | Workion. ru
  7. Scroll page, select the type of group "Restricted" and save the settings:
  8. How to remove public VK? | Workion. ru
  9. Now, if someone tries to go to public, he will see an alert:
  10. How to remove public VK? | Workion. ru

Previously, it was possible to simply remove from the list of administrators and after that, the public was deleted, now this function does not work, the creator cannot be deleted from the list of administrators of the public page.

As you understand, it is not necessary to remove something from the public, it’s enough just to clear the list of subscribers.

Unfortunately, there is no convenient tool for deleting all signers at once, so you will have to do this alternately on the "Participants" page, it is located in the section " Managing the page ".

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