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You have probably heard about the so-called fines for duplicate content. However, many people use someone else's content on their sites, while receiving good search traffic. All that is needed for this is to properly rework the source material.

There are many types of "alien" content:

- Publicly available materials,
- Purchased articles,
- Articles from article exchanges,
- Promotional materials,
- And finally, just a stolen text.

Let's assume that you have content and you are wondering about how to use it effectively on your site. What can you do to make your site not perceived as 'Made for Adsense / Affiliate'? Of course, you can spend / order rewriting, but this does not always have time / money. In fact, knowing some of the features of the work of search engines, you can very quickly redo the article to fit your needs. Here are some simple, but very effective steps.

1. Do not use the original title. Search engines have long discovered dozens, if not hundreds of pages with this heading. Rewrite the title so that it fits your keywords. Sharpening the title for keywords helps not only to uniquely identify the article, but also to rise in the issuance of selected queries.

2. You need to write the first paragraph using the keyword in the first sentence. The first paragraph from 2-4 sentences, with correctly selected keywords, has a positive effect on the quality of the site, both from the point of view of visitors and from the point of view of search bots, thereby affecting the ranking of the page in the issue.

3. Add a few simple changes to the main part of the article. You can change several sentences in the body of the article using synonyms or rewrite the text from the actual to the passive voice (or vice versa). The idea here is to break the pattern of the text in order to reduce the similarity with the original text.

4. Complete the article with the sentence containing the keyword.

5. Add one or two links to reputable sites, such as Wikipedia or CNN, in the last third of the article, this will add solidity to the article. Do not worry about nofollow. The main thing that links look natural.

6. Add a description with your keywords. (well, this by itself, it was possible not to write)

7. You can also add a list of "related articles." This makes the article much more natural in the eyes of search engines.

Well, that's probably all. Rewriting articles in this way takes only a few minutes, but at the same time minimizes the likelihood of penalties for duplicate content.

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