How to relieve stress from the eyes after the computer?

Working at a computer is an ideal activity for many people, but it should not be forgotten that this kind of income affects your health.

In honesty, eyes are under constant tension, so you should try to reduce the negative effects on the organs of vision. How to relieve eye strain? There are several ways to do this, using which in combination, you can achieve positive results.

How to relieve stress from the eyes after the computer?

Save eye health

  1. The most popular exercise that doesn't even require you to get up from behind the computer is as follows manner: select 2 objects in your room, one of which is at the monitor level, and the second at the other end of the room.

    It is imperative to select objects that are arranged in parallel so as not to "twist" your head. After that, alternately move your gaze to both objects, this will remove fatigue from the eyes.

  2. Some people who use computers to make money use a simpler method. Without turning their head away from the monitor, they look right, left, up and down, then look a little above the monitor and look at the tip of the nose. Periodically performing these actions, you can also affect the reduction of stress on the eyes.
  3. The following method involves the use of a special eye massage. With your middle and index finger, you will need to massage the area around your eyes.

Nothing complicated, just put your fingers first below the eyes, and then from above and carry out circular movements. In the same paragraph I would like to add a way to transfer heat to the eyes. Rub your hands and when they heat up, apply them to your eyes, after which you will immediately feel pleasant sensations.

How to relieve stress from the eyes after the computer?

  1. The latter technique is also very popular and will require several actions from you at once. To begin with, close your eyes and make circular movements with the pupils, approximately 5-6 times, then, without opening your eyes, look up and down, systematically changing position, every 10 seconds.

    With your eyes open, direct your attention to any object in front of you and try not to blink. After 30 seconds, start blinking frequently within 20 seconds. The final stage is the need to look in all directions. This charge for the eyes, has a positive effect on stress relief, repeat it as often as possible.

  1. The most interesting method is associated with breathing exercises. You need to gain full lungs, squeeze your eyes tight and tighten the muscles of the head. Create tension, and in 5-7 seconds exhale, opening your eyes. Repeat the technique is worth 3 times to achieve maximum efficiency.
  2. Another good method to remove the eye, as well as headache, is associated with the temporal region. You need to put 2 fingers on the temples, make circular movements and quickly blink for 15 seconds. Then close your eyes without removing your fingers. Do this 4 times and notice the effect.

To preserve eye health, this is one of the important details of your activity, which you should never forget. If you do not want to spoil the vision, then use different techniques and let your eyes rest.

How to relieve stress from the eyes after the computer?

How to relieve tension from your eyes after a computer?

In addition to various methods of removing fatigue from your eyes, you need to follow simple rules. The health of bloggers, freelancers and other moneymakers is under serious threat. A sedentary lifestyle does not lead to anything good, let alone the destructive influence of a computer.

So that the problems do not take you by surprise, and you are not left without bread, adhere to the recommendations of physicians:

  • use different drops that relieve eye strain;
  • sit far away from the monitor, your back should touch the back of the chair;
  • use pillows to support the lower back;
  • feet should be on the floor, if you don’t reach, use coasters;
  • the eyes should be flush with the center of the screen;
  • the mouse and keyboard should be in the same plane (tilt up to 19 degrees is possible);
  • the neck should be level position, the screen is at arm's length from your eyes.

A proper fit at the computer is enough to reduce the negative impact on the eyes. If the tension of the muscles of the eye is reduced, you will not feel tired for a long time and you will be able to spend hours of work without any problems.

How to relieve stress from the eyes after the computer?

The best method to relieve tension from your eyes quickly

There is not always time to leave the PC for a long time and let your eyes rest. In this case, the complex additional measures to relieve eye fatigue will help:

  1. Changing the focus helps the eyes to rest. The easiest way to relieve tension is to take a pencil or any other object in order to bring it to your nose and concentrate your attention on it.Remove it to an arm's length about 5-6 times, then close your eyes for a few seconds.
  2. The infinity sign helps to knead the eyes. Exercises should be performed alternately, first with open eyes, then with closed. First, draw with your eyes this sign in the horizontal, then in the vertical plane. Repeat 10 times, alternating between closed and open eyes.
  3. To perform the following method to relieve eye strain, you need an object. It must be placed in front of him at a distance of about 30 centimeters. Focus on it and every 5 seconds close one eye, then the other. You can simply cover it with your hand, the main thing is not to look away.
  4. Stretch your hands on both sides and lift your thumb (like). Make circular movements with your finger, first with one hand, then with the other hand (so that the eye moves to the right and left). Attention concentrate on the fingertips, repeat the exercise 5-6 times.
  5. Without using any objects and without drawing attention to yourself (if you work in an office), look to the lower left corner. After 5 seconds, move your attention diagonally to the upper right corner, then change it to the upper left and lower right. Also repeat the steps 5-6 times.
  6. Massage of the eyeball well reduces eye strain. Place your index fingers under the eyebrows, and your thumbs in the pits under the eyeballs. Repeat the rotational movement for at least 20 seconds. This exercise should be performed as often as possible.

The physical condition must be monitored , otherwise serious problems may occur. It is better to carry out maintenance work than to pay huge money for operations and the help of specialists.

In pharmacies, glasses that relieve eye strain are sold, I did not use them myself, but according to experts, this is a useful tool especially for those who spend a lot of time at the computer. They cost not expensive, so it is better to buy such glasses and from time to time to wear them.

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