How to recruit a lot of friends Vkontakte? How to score 10,000 friends?

For earning online you can use various projects through which you can create pages.

For example, social networks allow you to create accounts, and you can use them for various purposes, from earning on advertising, to promote their sites.

But create a profile in the social. network is not enough, you still need to do it promotion. A great option is to make as many friends as possible. How to recruit a lot of friends Vkontakte? There are several ways to do this, both paid and free. We will consider each of them, and you can choose the appropriate option.

How to recruit a lot of friends Vkontakte? How to score 10,000 friends?

How to dial 10,000 friends of Vkontakte?

1. Groups to add friends.
Now there are quite a few groups through which users find people willing to accept friendship. Such communities can be used not only to receive applications, but also to send them, because not all accept them.

Finding such groups is easy:

How to recruit a lot of friends Vkontakte? How to score 10,000 friends?

Be sure to join them, as there will always be bids from here. Many people use a member search to invite a certain audience as a friend.

2. Game groups.
Vkontakte has a lot of interesting games, where various exchanges and help between friends are provided. In all known prison, to kill bosses, it is necessary to invite friends, and the more of them, the easier it is to kill him. There are lots of groups devoted to games, and in each of them you can offer friendships in order to receive applications.

The advantage of this and the previous method is that the audience in friends is more lively than when using wraps.

3. Click sponsors.
Through the postal service, you can post tasks and receive thousands of requests as soon as possible. The minimum payment for cheating friends about 1 cent, so for every hundred new friends will have to pay a dollar. But to invest your money here is not necessary, you can go a couple of registrations or other tasks to pay for their task.

Start-up cheat will not be difficult to do, because when you have many friends, applications will start to come much more actively.

How to recruit a lot of friends Vkontakte? How to score 10,000 friends?

Which mailers to use?

  • Wmmail;
  • Seosprint;
  • Seo-fast;
  • Profitcentr.

In total, with these systems you can attract a lot of friends, and if you do not need friends, indicate in the task that you need subscribers.

4. Cheat services.
There are many services for cheating friends, but most often they come from bots. A large number of dogs are not needed by anyone, so if you need to cheat real profiles, it is better to use mailers (in particular, Wmmail). Order friends cheat can be in the following systems:

  • .
  • .

In addition to these services, you can purchase software from a company through which Vkontakte friends quickly and easily.

Now you know some of the most effective ways to recruit a lot of friends on your profile, and in conclusion I would like to give a little advice. It will be much easier to recruit friends if you have a female profile with an attractive avatar.

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