How to recover Bitcoin wallet, at, by mail, without keys

Cryptocurrency rates affect even experienced users. They rise at tremendous speed and show promising prospects.

A few years ago, people mined Bitcoion just for nothing to do, the coins did not bring so much profit, but now their rate has risen to unimaginable levels.

Many have already forgotten that BTC was once stored at their addresses, and even one coin can bring a huge profit.

How to repair Bitcoin wallet? This question has become one of the most popular, because everyone wants to return their coins in order to exchange them for real money now. This can be done, but not in all cases.

How to recover Bitcoin wallet, at, by mail, without keys

As I restored the Bitcoin wallet with the key file

I had a little bitcoin left on one of my accounts. They were going before the cryptocurrency became popular. It was interesting to try this direction, then I did not attach any importance to it.

It's good that I created a backup copy of the wallet in due time, which helped me get everything back without any problems.

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To begin with, the necessary files are located at this address on the computer C: \ Users \ Drugan17 \ AppData \ Roaming \ Bitcoin. Please note that my username has been added to the address; you will have another one. Also files can be stored there on other cryptocurrencies, then the last folder will not be Bitcoin.

By the time the recovery took a few minutes, now I will tell you step by step what to do:

  1. Open the "My Computer" folder, go to the used disk (I drive C).
  2. Next we find the Users folder (it may also be called Users).
  3. Find the folder with the name of the administrator on the computer.
  4. Open the AppData folder, then the Roaming folder.
  5. It contains all the folders with data for each purse for cryptocurrency. For Bitcoins, you need to select the appropriate directory (Bitcoin).

This folder should contain a special file, most often it is a Wallet. dat. If the wallet is not restored Bitcoin, the file may be called differently. Finding the key, consider yourself lucky. Not everyone can find it, respectively, and quickly restore the address Bitcoin.

Bitcoin recovery depends on the wallet type

The recovery instructions may differ depending on the tool you used to manage your BTC. Every day, more and more projects are being opened that offer to securely store crypto coins.

Consider only 3 types of wallets used most often:

  1. Serious applications - clients that download a huge amount of data to the user's computer (approximately 60 GB.). They are characterized by increased security, but not so convenient. Notable examples are Bitcoin Core or Armory. In them, users usually manually create backups.
  2. Light applications - also implies installing software on the device. In this case, there is not a lot of space involved, and constantly updating the database is not required. They are more common (Miltibit and Electrum), and files for recovery in them are suggested to be stored on a PC or in the cloud.
  3. Online applications - compared to the two previous ones, they are not so safe, but they are the most convenient. I myself use a service that does not offer to install any programs. At the same time, no keys, recovery files, and so on are created.

The first two options are the best, safe, stable. The vast majority of people use online wallets, and access to them is much more difficult. There is no key file, therefore nobody gives guarantees to return their BTC.

Example of Bitcoin Wallet Recovery through the Client

We recommend using lightweight applications, because they provide good protection, but they do not take up much space and are easy to use. In addition, if you lose access to such an account, it is easy to recover.

This is also done as described at the beginning, using the wallet file. dat .

This file should be stored in a safe place, preferably on a flash drive, so that no one gets access to BTC. For example, when using a wallet, you can choose cloud storage or upload a file to your computer:

How to recover Bitcoin wallet, at, by mail, without keys

It is better to store files on your computer. After creating a backup, you can see exactly where the data is loaded and check it:

How to recover Bitcoin wallet, at, by mail, without keys

Pay attention to the previous step, in addition to saving files, there is also proposed to enter a secret phrase. It is filled by default, change it at your discretion and be sure to write it on a regular sheet of paper.

When you need to restore a Bitcoin wallet, you will be asked for this data:

How to recover Bitcoin wallet, at, by mail, without keys

In some serious and light applications, when you first start the client, a window opens asking you to select file. This is convenient for recovery if the key is not lost. For example, in Electrum it is enough to specify the path and password to it:

How to recover Bitcoin wallet, at, by mail, without keys

Even if you used other tools before, download one of your clients right now. So it will be much easier to manage the account, and if you need a recovery, you will spend it in a couple of simple steps.

How to restore a Bitcoin address via the console?

There are many reasons to use client programs, including the ability to use commands in a special console. This is something like a command line in Windows. The function is not integrated into all clients, for example, it is on:

How to recover Bitcoin wallet, at, by mail, without keys

First, in this console, you must enter the command "Dumpprivkey KEY" to get data. Then, when you reinstall the client program, you will also need to go to the console and type "importprivkey KEY".

It remains to wait for the database update and all cryptocurrency addresses will be transferred back.

How to restore an online Bitcoin wallet at the wallet address?

Newbies often open online wallets because it is much easier. They are not serious about crypto money, because of this, then they themselves suffer. At different exchanges and various services, the restoration of access is different.

The popular offer several solutions for problems with authorization:

How to recover Bitcoin wallet, at, by mail, without keys

You can recall the wallet ID by mail, recover the Bitcoin password through a secret phrase, or re-pass two-step verification .

In most cases, it is better to immediately write to technical support, they will immediately explain what to do and whether it is possible to return something at all. Unfortunately, in many cases, nothing can be restored.

How to restore access to a bitcoin wallet if you delete keys?

The problems with recovery are different for everyone. Someone just accidentally deleted the key file and now hopes to return it. In fact, this is a huge problem that may be solved by special programs. There is software that allows you to recover data deleted from your computer.

We do not give any guarantees, but it's worth a try. Install one of the most popular utilities: R-STUDIO, HDD Regenerator or Recuva. They work on a similar principle, there are detailed instructions on the network, but even without them, it’s really possible to figure it all out:

How to recover Bitcoin wallet, at, by mail, without keys

One of my friends was able to recover Bitcoins from the first programs in just that way. True, the utilities he had long been installed, because he had previously tried to recover what he had once deleted.

In this article, we showed how to recover a Bitcoin wallet by mail, using a key file and even using special programs. Try different methods, but remember that not everyone can get BTC back.

And for the future, remember, you need to use the safest types of wallets, only to restore them later.

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