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Why do people create websites?

Someone, perhaps for fun, as a hobby. But if you interview the majority of the specialists involved in this, then the answer will almost certainly be this: to earn money.

However, in order for a site to generate revenue, it is necessary to ensure that it is visited by a target audience. And here the majority of webmasters are faced with a problem, because for a high attendance of a site only good content has long been insufficient.

However, the problem is solved, and how you take it, depends only on you. Your task is to bring the site to the top of the search results, as nine out of ten users who search for information on the Internet go only to the sites located on the first page of Yandex and Google.

Which way to choose?

You can contact a serious SEO-search office. In this case, the result you get is guaranteed and quite quickly, however, you will have to fork out pretty.

You can also turn to a freelancer - a free "artist" who works on himself. It is less expensive, but not so reliable - there is always a chance to run into, if not a rogue, then a person who has a very, very vague idea about SEO.

And no one else forbids you to try yourself as a SEO. However, if you have no experience in promotion, you will very soon realize that experts are not in vain taking money for services in this area.

Finally, you can use the services of services that provide automated website promotion. Actually, this is the option we will carefully review today.

Automatic promotion - what is it and what is it eaten with?

You can estimate this trend on the example of the ROOKEE service, very popular in runet, which offers one of the most representative sets of services in the field of automated promotion.

The main advantage of this system is that you, on the one hand, take an active part in the promotion process (determine the budget yourself and evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign), and on the other hand, the service takes most of the mechanical work .

For example, this is what the ROOKEE service can do without you:

  • select promotion strategies;
  • generate queries;
  • analyze competitors' sites currently in TOP;
  • estimate the competitors' reference budget and, based on this, calculate the cost of an advertising campaign for your site.

At the same time, you can make adjustments to the promotion process and change your requirements for the results of the advertising campaign. Freedom of choice, as usual, in the first place.

How relevant is it?

According to the statistics of the ROOKEE service, more than 175,000 users currently use it, and this in itself is evidence that this way of promotion provides certain results.

And if so, then automated promotion is a very good alternative to manual promotion. So you save your time (which you would spend on independent study of the topic and fussing with the optimization of the site), money (which would pay to the executing specialists) and nerves (which would wear out in both cases).

So at least try the ROOKEE service makes sense!

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