How to raise the attendance of the group in the social. networks?

Projects such as Facebook and Vkontakte have long been used to spread advertising and create communities of various companies.

You can use it too, because you can open a group for free, and if you can promote it correctly, it will provide constant inflows of new customers.

The development of such a site will depend on many factors, and one of the main factors is the attendance rate. How to raise the attendance of the group in the social. networks? There are various ways to do this, but we will consider one of those that is considered less frequently than others. It is built on attracting friends of subscribers of your group.

How to raise the attendance of the group in the social. networks?

Friends of subscribers are the same customers

According to Facebook statistics, on average, each user has about 250 friends. For example, there are 10,000 subscribers in your group, and if each of them shares your post on his or her page, about 2,500,000 users will see it.

Of course, someone will be offline, some friends will be common, and it will be extremely difficult to make everyone add ads to their pages on the page, however, the coverage is suggestive and you definitely need to use it.

How to get subscribers to share your post? There are three types of publications that most often receive reposts:

  1. Video recordings. Far from being used by all advertisers, but it works fine. If the video is interesting and exciting, then a huge audience will decide to tell about it to their friends, despite the fact that it will be your ad.
  2. Interesting posts. Here you can include all entertainment materials. But you have no entertainment group, what to do? Make or find jokes about the topic of your community, it's not so difficult to do it. You can remake popular jokes to fit your subject.
  3. Call to action. Another effective type of material that users often share. The trick here is to install an inscription on a picture like "Repost if you are too ..." or something like that. As a rule, such appeals work fine.

These three types of posts will help you naturally increase attendance, but there are other options for achieving this result. Cheating allows you to raise attendance much faster, and you can use them with minimal investment, through click-through sponsors.

How to raise the attendance of the group in the social. networks?

On Wmmail and Seosprint, you can order as many reposts as you like at a price of 24 kopecks (or 1 cent).

And if you want to cheat the attendance for the further sale of the community, you can use even cheaper cheat through Soc-service. Thanks to this system, you can receive every day 1000 unique visitors per day, for only 20 rubles.

Of course, no introduction from this will appear, so this option is only suitable for improving statistics.

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