How to raise profits from YAN?

Monetizing a site through contextual advertising is one of the most common methods of making money on the site.

And the most popular service providing such an opportunity is the Yandex Advertising Network (YAN). Hundreds of thousands of owners of quality resources, derive money from here, but incomes are far from all.

Probably no one is ever dissatisfied with profit, but in some cases there is a real opportunity to receive more. How to raise profits from YAN? We will present you with some tips that will surely help you increase revenue from one of the largest advertising services of Runet.

How to raise profits from YAN?

High profit from YAN

  1. Correct content. Creating content that would attract a lot of attention from visitors takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, not all articles, even of similar subjects, are capable of attracting traffic, which will be well converted. That is why, experienced webmasters advise to add to the materials of commercial retreat.
  2. Active Filling. The more pages on your site, the greater the chance of getting high traffic. In parallel with the desire to place a huge amount of materials, you need to understand that each of them must be of high quality, otherwise there will be no sense from this.
  3. Block design. The most important parameter of contextual advertising that influences its clickability is block design. It will be much better if they fit beautifully into the overall design of the resource. Here we add that you need to choose the right place for advertising. The best options are the center of the site header and the body of the content (between the lines in the articles).
  4. Website Optimization. Revenues from YAN may be much greater if your project is well-optimized. By optimizing, you get a chance to reach high positions, and the more attendance, the more clicks. Try to optimize each material before you publish it on your site.
  5. Keywords. In the continuation of the optimization advice, we note separately the need for proper selection of keywords. There is a handy program Key Collector, with which you will select the best queries. For YAN, it is necessary to select high-frequency inquiries, since advertisers more often rely on them. In addition, add key phrases of 2-3 words.
  6. Subject of advertising. Some users argue that it is better to place blocks with thematic advertising or use a tool to display ads based on user requests. According to statistics, the function of advertising selection allows you to achieve large incomes, but it is better to experiment and try both options on your resource.

After doing the necessary work on your site, some webmasters manage to increase revenues from YAN more than 50% . Of course, you will not notice this sharply, but gradually the profit will grow, and your project will be of higher quality.

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