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How to raise an online project to a new level - Profit Hunter Most recently, in the last video of the Spring Marathon, I talked about the importance of outsourcing for online business. It is outsourcing that allows famous western Internet entrepreneurs like Andy Jenkins, Ed Dale, Frank Kern to earn millions of dollars a year. They simply shift all the technical aspects of doing business on the shoulders of professionals, leaving themselves only the solution of strategic issues (agree that this is the most interesting part of the work).

Of course, the absolute majority of you blog readers (including me), up to millions (at least even ruble ых) still stomp and stomp, but this doesn’t deny the importance of outsourcing for your current projects. Paid registration in catalogs, software, scripts, design development, moderation of sites and forums, run of articles on social sites ... - all this can (and often must be) ordered on the side. There is not enough time for all . This is an axiom of the modern world.

Content creation is perhaps one of the most important and labor-intensive aspects of the development of an Internet project. Writing posts, articles, notes, posts and searching for ideas for them takes a lot of time. Moreover, this is not given to everyone (it is precisely for this reason that I publish mainly translated materials on the blog, because it is much more difficult for me to write gag). Yes, and in the subject need to understand ...

And if the site is not one? And if there is absolutely not enough time for writing articles?
And if creating content yourself is not at all profitable? I think you have already understood what I am getting at. 🙂 Yes, exactly: you need to order content on the side.

Moreover, order not a cat in a bag, but a ready-made solution that will meet your requirements. And here the TextTrader content store will help you. ru . The store opened less than a week ago, but now there is plenty to choose from: 235 articles in 51 categories are on sale.

All texts are written by experienced copywriters and verified using the well-known CopyScape content search service (for reliability, you can check the uniqueness of the content directly from the TextTrader site). Moreover, you can read part of the article to decide whether the presentation style is specific to your site.

The price range for copywriters is quite wide: from $ 1. 20 to $ 12. 00 for 1000 characters - which is very convenient when you need not the highest quality and at the same time inexpensive content.

The site has a convenient search that allows you to find an article by word or phrase, by copywriter login, by copywriter rating, by the number of characters in the article, by the price of 1000 characters and by the date of placement. With it, you will find the material of interest in seconds .

Well, if you don’t find anything suitable, you can always order the text on TextBroker copywriting exchange. ru.

And remember: the sooner you start using outsourcing in your online projects, the sooner you will achieve your goals. Good luck!

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