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Everybody likes to quote: there are phrases that are too good to be shared with anyone. Sometimes you need to refer to the source to confirm what you are saying. Anyway, if you work in the field of content creation, then you probably have to quote a lot and often.

How to quote using pictures - Profit Hunter And if so, then here's an idea: quote with pictures!

This approach has a number of obvious advantages:

  • You will not have problems with duplicate content (MyBlogGuest, for example, constantly hides articles with quotes for this reason);
  • You will have a great opportunity to achieve viral distribution of your picture: people love and just share pictures, and use for this purpose services like Pinterest ;
  • You can get hold of new links (if someone likes the picture);
  • Pictures can be made original inn , even if you borrowed them from the stock photo site.
  • The text in the photo will never lose popularity. For example, lolkot - this topic is damn old, but still does not lose its popularity. Or demotivators - you laugh at them, no matter how much you review them.

And not only are you laughing, but sharing links.

Here are some good software for this purpose:


One of the best options if you want to make beautiful quotes without spending much time on it . It works through the browser bookmarklet: you need to select the text and click on the bookmarklet. After that, the system will provide you with a large selection of themes (backgrounds and fonts).

Both the process and the result are very interesting.

How to quote using pictures - Profit Hunter

(Here you can get a similar program, but it is paid. I did not use it myself, but it looks great).

Another interesting software: Quotescover. com

Over HD

An interesting application, I really like it. You can take a picture, add text to it and post the result within one minute. For text you can:

  • Choose a font (the range is rather limited, but quite enough);
  • Change font size;
  • Adjust the brightness of the photo.

How to quote using pictures - Profit Hunter

Tags Maker is a free alternative, but I never managed to achieve a quality comparable to Over HD;


It is only necessary to think that lolkots went out of fashion, as another selection appears, and again everyone is delighted with them.

So yes, lolkots, most likely, do not become outdated and are not going to become obsolete. And Roflbot can help interestingly use a quote (especially when a particularly ridiculous cat is combined with a deliberately serious quote):

How to quote using pictures - Profit Hunter

Another good design option for short quotes is demotivators (there is a good generator here) .

Signed screenshots

How to quote using pictures - Profit Hunter

I don’t remember that I ever kept a blog WITHOUT screenshots. A screenshot can replace a thousand words, and since I have never been able to boast with a particularly literary style, I often use them a lot and

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