How to put watermark on pictures? image protection

Everyone who works with content needs to remember about security and to protect information as much as possible from copying it.

In some cases, adding a regular image on top of the main image allows you to protect yourself from copying, because in this case you have to manually edit the pictures, and it takes a lot of time.

In the article, the installation of water marks on the pictures, we talked about plug-ins for popular engines, through which you can put watermarks. But what about the owners of other projects or those who lead groups in social networks? After all, pictures are often copied, and it is of no use if they are unique.

How to put watermark on pictures? image protection

Protection of pictures by watermarks

How to put watermark on pictures? This article will provide you with the answer to this question. We will tell you about the necessary software, as well as about one of the high-quality online services.

  1. . A free program that is perfect for adding watermarks to any images. It is not difficult to find it on the Internet, there are also Russian versions. The functionality of the program is quite wide, you can set the color, size, turns and much more. Some use this software for other purposes, since the number of functions is huge.
  2. . Another useful tool with which you can add watermark to many pictures at once. The interface is intuitive, and all that is required of the user is to specify the path to the logo (watermark), set the folder for saving the finished pictures and start image processing.
  3. . And this is an online service where you can also install watermarks. The set of tools is not large, but to put a watermark in a certain area of ​​several images at once, there is a special functionality.

After going to the site, you will be asked to add some pictures:

How to put watermark on pictures? image protection

Specify the path to them and go to the second step . Here you can customize the look and location of the watermark:

How to put watermark on pictures? image protection

You can also add a watermark in the form of another image, for example, a logo from your site. But there is a Picmarkr. com big drawback - at one time you can install watermarks on only 5 images.

Of course, it’s impossible to call this one hundred percent copy protection, but most “thieves” will refuse to use your pictures, not wanting to advertise your site.

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