How to put money on Webmoney? Ways to transfer to Webmoney

Webmoney continues to be the most popular electronic payment system of the Runet, and every year its audience of users grows.

Many people are already used to paying loans, transferring money for electricity, buying goods in online stores through Webmoney without leaving home.

The only thing required for this is to replenish your wallet in a timely manner. How to put money on Webmoney? There are several ways to do this. You can choose the most convenient for you and at any time send a random amount to your electronic account.

How to put money on Webmoney? Ways to transfer to Webmoney

Methods of transfer to Webmoney

  1. Through the terminal. The easiest way to get WebMoney to your wallet is to use the multicash. Just like you are throwing money on your phone, you can send it to a virtual wallet. To do this, it is enough to find out your WMR wallet number and select the necessary payment system in the multi-cashier. Almost all modern terminals support transfers to Webmoney.
  2. Through the phone. Without leaving your home, you can send money to WebMoney from the balance of your phone. For this, a special service was developed. Just go and choose a mobile operator, and also indicate the currency you want to get to the wallet:
  3. How to put money on Webmoney? Ways to transfer to Webmoney

    In this example, you can see the form of sending money from the MTS number, the rate for different operators is changing. Also note that you will also have to pay a commission. Of all the options, this one is not profitable.

  4. Bank Cards. With a bank card, you can make transfers to your webmoney. Through the official website of the payment system, you can find a way to top up and take advantage of it. On average, the commission will be 2. 5%, but the money will be sent instantly. In addition to the official site, you can use a special system, which is described in the next paragraph.
  5. From other wallets. If you have money on QIWI, Yandex, Perfect Money or other accounts, you can also use them to send to webmoney. To do this, use the service where all exchangers are checked and the most favorable rates are issued:

How to put money on Webmoney? Ways to transfer to Webmoney

The same system can be used to search for favorable rates, to exchange money from a bank card on webmoney. If you scroll the page, you will see the names of the most popular banks, from whose cards you can exchange funds:

How to put money on Webmoney? Ways to transfer to Webmoney

In the same way, select the money you need and select the most favorable conditions in the list of exchangers.

Putting money on Webmoney is not difficult, and you can do it without even leaving your home.

Do not forget that you can get this currency for work on the Internet, if you are interested, learn how to make money Webmoney, where we told about the most simple ways suitable for beginners.

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