How to put comments from Facebook on the site?

All site owners who want as many comments as possible to appear on their sites need to create a convenient form of commenting.

Foreign analysts came to the conclusion that it significantly affects the activity of commentators, adding forms of comments integrated with social networks .

Probably, it will be better to set up Vkontakte comments for the site in Runet, but you should not forget about other social networks.

For example, many people use Facebook, the audience of this resource exceeds the number of Vkontakte users. Not sure how to put comments from Facebook on the site? Now we will tell how to do it.

How to put comments from Facebook on the site?

Facebook comments for the site

In this soc. Networks also have a standard tool, so it is not necessary to use plugins or third-party resources. To do this, go to the next. On the page, you will immediately see the form for setting the comment form:

How to put comments from Facebook on the site?

You can set the size, the number of records displayed, and choose a color (black or white). There are not so many settings, but under the form of a preview there is a button for getting the code:

How to put comments from Facebook on the site?

By pressing the button, you will receive 2 codes:

How to put comments from Facebook on the site?

The first must be set in the Single file. php (for WordPress), and the second to add to the comment code (it’s better to add rather than replace). After that, it will be possible to write comments from your Facebook profile on your site.

Are there better options?

Of course, it’s much better to use special services like the one that offer comment forms with authorization through many different social networks. Our blog has a form from, you can scroll the page and see how it looks.

The advantages of such "common" forms are obvious, they are much more convenient, they have more settings and are much easier to manage. The only point is that you have to pay money, but you can never spare money for the quality of the resource.

Improve your sites and integrate them with social networks , today all major resources have already done this, as a convenient form of comments is considered one of the important indicators of the site’s quality.

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