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With the help of video, you can get great traffic, and today this trend is rapidly gaining momentum. Texts on websites read less and less, preferring to watch and listen. This opportunity must be used to develop or at least maintain competitiveness in its niche. Whatever character your videos (entertainment, commercial or informational) are, they are important for attracting the target audience.

The undisputed leader of all video hosting sites today is Youtube. Every minute, 72 hours of video is uploaded to this site, and a billion unique users visit it every month. The popularity of Youtube does not exceed, perhaps, Google.

Thanks to this global giant, you can get traffic both from Google and Yandex search on video clips, and from Youtube itself. To do this, it is important to optimize the video so that it rises in the issuance of the first position.

How to promote a video on Tub

Video title

It should be short but capacious. That is, the title should be clear which question or problem helps to solve the video. Another option is the creation of intrigue, understatement, which makes curious users click on the play button. Be sure to include in the name of the keyword, which if possible place at the beginning. The closer it is to the beginning, the more weight it receives in the search results. Remember that the title must be relevant to the content of the video, otherwise it will receive a lot of dislikes and will be lowered in the output.

How to promote video on Youtube - Profit Hunter


You have 5000 characters left to make a detailed description of the video content. Of course, the description should not be made so cumbersome, but it is desirable to fully disclose the essence of the video (optimally 500 - 1000 characters) and, of course, organically (without fanaticism) enter keywords into it. The first 2 lines are visible, and the rest of the description is hidden under the cat. Thus, it is advisable to put a link to your website in the first 2 lines and write the most important information. By the way, at the very beginning it is also recommended to mention the advanced key phrase.

Another useful tip: insert a link to your promoted video at the end of the description to it. The fact is that webmasters like to embed other people's videos on their site and sometimes insert a description of them. So, having built your video with a link into your resource, they will add traffic, which will improve the position of the video in the output of the Tub.
In the description, do not spam, do not dump a keyword out of it, and, if possible, compose a unique text: this will give the video a plus to its reputation.


They help the Youtube search robot to define your video in thematic categories. In accordance with them, users are shown similar videos to the right of the current one. That is, by viewing a competitor's video, the target visitor can go to yours. There are different opinions about the number of tags. Some believe that they need to enter as much as possible, others - that they should be few and most relevant. There is an opinion that it is first necessary to write low-frequency and narrowly targeted tags, which consist of several words and precisely define the essence of the video, and the high-frequency ones behind them. By the way, YouTube defines 500 characters of text for tags, which means they can be used to the full. Just follow the grammar: incorrect tags have a bad effect on the ranking.

Another question is where to look for keywords? You can watch tags from competitors, but it is not recommended to copy them completely. You must have your own list. You can also create it using the Google keyword scheduler: https: // adwords. google. com / KeywordPlanner /.

How to promote video on Youtube - Profit Hunter


Since search engines are not able to listen, the text version of the video will help them recognize the voiced words. For this, a transcript is intended, which must be written to the txt file in UTF-8 encoding. It can be put in the description and used to generate subtitles.


Annotations are text blocks that appear on top of a video. With the right approach, they help to establish contact with the user, keep his attention, create a call to action (for example, subscribe or switch to other videos of your channel). Annotations often contain links to the site, YouTube channel, social networks. This is a great way to redirect traffic from video to the resource you need.

Try to make sure that the text blocks do not divert attention from the disclosed question, but complement it. In addition, they should not cover a large area of ​​video, closing the review. The duration of the display of annotations should be done so that it can be read, nothing more.

How to promote video on Youtube - Profit Hunter

While watching the video

After downloading a video, it becomes available to a large number of people, and the number of views is growing. Based on the analysis, the robots conclude that the video is interesting.How long it keeps the attention of the viewer affects the issue. In other words, Youtube takes into account behavioral factors, and they, in turn, affect the ranking.

How to understand how useful your video content is? Use YouTube Analytics reports. Thus, the report "Retention of the audience" with the help of graphs helps to understand where the audience ends viewing.

How to promote video on Youtube - Profit Hunter

Thus, video optimization is an opportunity to get into the Top Youtube and get target customers from different search engines. Of course, you should not be limited to one or several videos: the more they will be, the more traffic you will receive. Experiment, use different promotion schemes - and some variant will surely lead to success. Try other large video hosting to get visitors from different sources.

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