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Creating a website for earnings on the Internet seems like a tempting idea, but you need to remember that not every webmaster succeeds.

Even if you have a good idea, you have learned how to use CMS and are ready to make every effort to develop content, you will also have to think about promotion.

Will I be able to promote the site myself? A frequent question for beginners who do not want to pay huge money for the promotion of a resource to specialized services.

In fact, you can really do it yourself, you just need to learn some of the features of this business and learn about all the available options.

How to promote the site yourself? | Workion. ru

How to promote the site yourself?

For self-promotion of the site, you first need to decide what the resource will be promoted for. Sometimes, sites are promoted for further selling links, but in most cases they start to engage in promotion to attract visitors.

So, what ways you can use:

  • directory runs;
  • buying links;
  • posting articles;
  • bulletin boards;
  • social bookmarks;
  • forums and comments;
  • link and link exchange;
  • emailing;
  • creation of viral content;
  • video hosting;
  • announcements of articles in the social. networks;
  • use of sattelitov.

This is not a complete list of all the options that help to promote the site, but we will focus on the most effective ones - it is buying links and using social networks.

It is through these methods that you can quickly increase site traffic. To buy links, you need to look for sites with a small price and impressive attendance. For example, you can use to search for them:

How to promote the site yourself? | Workion. ru

Many sites with impressive daily attendance have been added to this system, you can order the placement of your links from their owners for a certain price. You can find many options even within 500 rubles and attendance of over 10,000. You can be sure that this will bring unique visitors to your site.

As for social networks, many already use them as the main source of traffic. To effectively use these sources, be sure to create a group for your site. On Blogun, you can order effective advertising in accounts and social groups. networking but costing is not cheap.

On both sites you can create a task that requires you to advertise your site. Hundreds of thousands of artists will quickly begin to distribute the site's advertising, and you can also attract them to your group, from where visitors will also come.

For various purposes, you also need to use Wmmail as a clicker sponsor.

How to promote the site yourself? | Workion. ru

How to promote the site yourself? | Workion. ru

You can also create tasks through this site, for example, for someone to join a group, invite friends there, post a link to your site and so on. With this system, you can also start cheating attendance through surfing, for 1000 unique hosts you pay only $ 1. 5.

It is possible to promote the site yourself , but you can hardly manage without contributions. Not many are willing to spend time on site promotion, but it is better to spend time than to waste money. Understand with effective ways to promote and you can promote your projects without overpayments.

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