How to promote a search engine site without articles?

As many “tutorials” on SEO-site optimization tell us, the main promotion of any web resources in search engines is just the texts. No doubt, the texts are very important, but not for search engines, but for people. Search engines use only key phrases, which are also search queries at the same time.

And the repetition density of "keywords" on the page is absolutely not important - if the request is not very competitive, then the page will be released in the top and without any repetition of the key phrase on it. Another thing is that in such non-competitive tops there is little traffic, but if you apply some other methods of promotion, then such pages can be promoted for more competitive requests.

However, the problem is not in "other methods of promotion", but is it possible to promote a website without text content at all? Someone will begin to say that, they say, it is impossible, and it will be wrong. It's all about the form in which to produce this promotion and what means to use.

How to promote a search engine site without articles?

Features of site promotion

The main thing is that as many pages as possible get into the tops and start collecting traffic from them, filling the site with visitors . Of course, in terms of competitive key phrases, a completely young site cannot be quickly promoted, but almost any site can be unleashed for uncompetitive “keywords”, and generally without textual content, only with the help of key phrases.

How would such a site look and how to make it? Everyone probably met in the tops of Yandex and Google all sorts of art galleries, on the pages of which there are no texts at all except the signatures to the pictures. Moreover, the pages of these galleries "crawl out" into the tops by these signatures, which even may not correspond to the title of the page.

If you look at the counter of visits to such sites, you can see that the number of visitors to them is not just large, but often huge. And if we analyze these sites more deeply, it turns out that the link mass of such sites is not very impressive, that is, they practically do not advance with links. But, nevertheless, they are in the top of the issue on a variety of requests, even if they are not competitive.

The conclusion is one and only - you need to make a very large site, supply it with as many pictures as possible, “sharpen” each page with your own “keyword”, and put on a hat!

In principle, the scheme is correct in the main thing, but in order to bring the matter to the "hat", you need to work hard. We must do everything correctly, think through every step, organize the site structure well and carefully carry out its installation. Here we must understand that since the site needs to be very multipage, it’s impossible to do it with your hands. There will need to automate the process, that is, you should take care of the program, which can generate pages for correctly set tasks.

There are such programs, they are called road generators. Previously, doorwayers quite successfully used them, generating their websites, millions, but since the reference ranking on a wide range of sites was canceled by search engines, road generators have been forgotten.

Today, only some professionals use them, but they mostly use other methods and tools for replicating pages. However, by and large these methods and tools are unattainable for beginners, and therefore the best alternative is the road generator.

Today, in view of the total lack of demand, road generators are not so expensive, and in the free distribution you can easily find free programs that fully meet all the tasks assigned to them. The simplest, and at the same time very functional free road generator - (Red Button).

True, it is server-based, but if Denver is installed on a computer, it can work fine locally. The instruction on it is quite simple, so that any beginner will master it quickly. The Red Baton macro table is very developed, it has almost all the commands with which you can force the road generator to make just such a site, which is needed. The main thing is to attach a bit of consideration, and everything will turn out fine.

How to promote a search engine site without articles?

How to start promoting a new site?

So, where do we start? We start by creating a "root" site, which will serve as a business card, and on which visitors will "merge" from the generated pages, that is, from the gallery pages. This site may not be very large - pages 10-20-30 (although the more the better), but it should be done by hand, and most importantly, that it should be fully adapted to any of its visitors. How exactly is adapted - it's up to you to decide, based on those key phrases that will be taken to create gallery pages.

What topics for the site to come up with? Yes, any, but only very broad.The best option is to take several related topics at once, for example, humor, jokes, jokes, jokes, clowns, and the like. Thus, you can type on these topics pictures and not worry about the fact that the signatures will not correspond to them. Rather, most likely they will not match, but the essence of this "combined" mega-theme is such that if the pictures are really interesting and funny, then the visitors will forgive the "wrong" signatures to them, especially if they show imagination.

For example, you can honestly write in the most prominent place that the descriptions are not always relevant to the pictures for technical reasons, so excuse me, dear guests ... Experience shows that in most cases the guests understand and forgive.

So, the topic was determined, the road generator was found, now we need to collect key phrases by which we will create pages. Everyone takes these key phrases from their sources, someone buys the Shepherd’s base, someone parses them for free, for example, with the help of the excellent Magadan program, which is the WordStat parser. True, Magadan is paid, but it has a free version.

The free version of the functionality is somewhat truncated, but in order to collect the required number of suitable key phrases - it is just enough. The main thing is to parse as many seeds as possible, that is, to cover the totality of all selected topics as widely as possible.

As a result, you can collect up to 50 thousand key words that will be used for generation. The main thing is to take only "low-frequency" phrases when sampling, for example, no higher than 1000-2000 in popularity. You shouldn't take quite popular ones - pages will not come out anyway because they will have a lot of competitors of much higher class and authority. In addition, all the "tweeters" in one way or another included in the "subwoofer", so that the more they are not needed.

And then you can go further in two ways - simple and complex. The simple way is to mix all the key phrases in one file and create a website for them without any sections or categories. The hard way is creating partitions. That is, keywords collected for each of the seed, will be a separate section.

The difficulty lies in the fact that for each of the sections you will need to create a separate folder, and for it to generate pages only from the keywords on this seed (for example, on the seed "anecdotes" or "jokes" or "humor ", or" funny ", and so on).

Also, for each section, you will need to use the corresponding pictures that are most suitable for all these primers. But the captions to the pictures will be more relevant to the topic of the section than if you mix everything together. However, at this stage it is not as important as it seems, it is better to start from the simplest option itself, and then, as you get at least some results, you can gradually complicate things.

How to promote a search engine site without articles?

So, the key phrases are collected, the road generator is found, you should make a template for which the pages will be created. Well, about the design here we will not write, and so it is clear that the design should be as simple as possible, and at the same time "friendly" for the visitor. The main thing is to correctly place all the necessary elements in the template. The main element for a person is a picture, for a search robot this will be a keyword, which will become a caption for this picture.

Also, this same keyword (or rather, its macro) must be placed in the TITLE metatteg (that is, in the title that will be shown in the snippet). We don’t forget about page linking macros, as well as the most important thing - about the banner, the main task of which is to stimulate the visitor to go to the main page of the handmade site. Of course, any visitor can benefit the site and bring income to its owner and not moving to the main site, but still it is necessary to provide this opportunity, especially if the main site focuses on really interesting and even unique content.

After the multipage website is created and uploaded to the server, you can proceed to its promotion.

First, you need to put some links to it from any indexed web resources, the main thing is that the search robots should go to the new site and start entering its pages into the database. You can, of course, search for more links, but it must be remembered that the links themselves will not help promote the site and promote it to the tops.

The fact is that only the site that has traffic, which demonstrates its good behavioral factors, starts to spin in the search engines. Many newbies are always surprised that their sites do not want to go to the tops - like the site is good, the content is unique, the keywords are correctly placed, and there are a large number of links purchased on the exchanges ... However, only professionals know that the cat is in search engine bag today no longer stick in.If a SEO optimizer wants search engines to love his site, he must show them that people love his site. Otherwise, than by "draining" the traffic site, such a parameter cannot be demonstrated simply.

How to promote a search engine site without articles?

How to get initial traffic to a site?

There are many ways to get overclocking traffic to a site, there are paid options, and there are free. Of the paid options, the most popular is the purchase of traffic from any traders, which include well-established special stock exchanges. You can buy it directly in Google and Yandex, but this traffic is more expensive, and for a non-commercial site it is not needed.

You can buy untwisted social media accounts, or pay for posts and comments on forums and blogs, but it is imperative that many people gather these posts and comments to follow the link to the site. If there is no money, then you can do it yourself.

True, it will take more time, and will require the ability to communicate so that no one suspects you of spamming that your activity on the forum or blog does not have the goal of advertising your web resource. But, if you create a very interesting topic and constantly maintain it, then a large number of interested visitors will rush to your site, and the main thing is that the site on which they fall into will not disappoint them.

So, what do we have as a result? As soon as the traffic attracted by you starts coming to the site, the search robots start to analyze it. If the site is good and interesting, then its behavioral factors will be high. The more traffic - the faster the search engines will collect the necessary statistics, and the faster they will begin to promote its pages in the tops. As soon as the pages begin to "crawl" into the tops, traffic begins to flow directly from the issue. Of course, if we have low competitive inquiries, then only 1-2 visitors per day can go to each page.

However, if there are a lot of pages in the tops, the aggregate traffic will even be very rather big. And again, the speed of further promotion rests on all the same behavioral factors. That is why during the collection of graphic content and the design of the template you need to think everything out well - so that the graphic images are not only high-quality, but also interesting for any visitor.

Otherwise, he will be disappointed and will quickly leave the page he is on, which will worsen her behavioral factors. And if the bad behavioral factors show most of the pages, then the whole site will "sink", and all your efforts will go to pieces.

But even if the site is good in everything, people like it and search engines promote its pages to the top more and more actively, work on the site cannot be stopped for a minute. It is necessary to constantly add new pages to the site with new pictures, and on those pages to which traffic is going (it is easy to find out from the visitors counter, one of the best free ones), it makes sense to put texts relevant to keywords and pictures.

These texts do not have to be written by yourself or purchased on the stock exchanges. You can take them from other sites, but you should observe two necessary conditions: put a back link on the source (otherwise you may be accused of theft) and not take much “zayuzanny” content (otherwise it will not be interesting to visitors).

How to promote a search engine site without articles?

How to monetize the site?

Now a little about the monetization of such a site. Since this is a large informational site, which is moving along a huge range of various key requests, and for all this mix traffic it is simply impossible to pick up a particular advertiser, it’s best to use the services of teaser partner programs. Of course, “tickers” do not pay much for clicks, but if there are many clicks, then the money is good.

At the same time, you can, of course, place advertisements for such goods and services that are generally interesting for every person, or for the majority of visitors, such as online games, electronic cigarettes, member enlargers, or even bookstore advertising. It is best to turn the site into a sort of one-stop-shop where, if desired, everyone can find something to their liking.

In general, to create a big good website in modern conditions will not make any big work, the main thing is not to be lazy, not to panic at the first failures, and to constantly analyze the results. Good luck!

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