How to predict the moment to trade options?

All those who are trying to make money on binary options are concerned with one question - when is the best time to open a deal.

It’s not so easy to choose the right time to make a deal, and the success of the option depends on it. If you learn to choose the ideal time to trade options, you can significantly increase your income.

How to predict the moment to trade options? Professional trading necessarily requires certain knowledge and selection of the best moments is one of the necessary skills.

To determine it, you need to follow the news, take into account the signals and take into account the volatility of the currency pairs .

How to predict the moment to trade options?

When do you need to open an option?

First, you need to take into account the day of the week. If this is a weekend, then there is no difference in what time to open a transaction. Broker nowhere to take quotes, so they vary slightly.

Binary options trading on weekends has a number of features, you need to take them into account before you make bets.

We should not forget that weekends can be in certain countries where they are set for dates of holidays. The holiday calendar helps to understand this (almost all brokers have one):

How to predict the moment to trade options?

This list was obtained from the Investing website, and there is also a news line. Conveniently, each news item is evaluated by its effect on currency changes (bull signs):

How to predict the moment to trade options?

This also helps determine how much time changes can occur in the market with certain currencies. Please note that there is even a forecast in the table. Due to this, we can conclude that the exchange rate will rise or fall.

So, on the basis of two tables, we choose the day and time of the option opening. Now it is important to recall the time when certain currencies often change their course. We told about this in the article about volatile currency pairs.

For example, in America, the trading session runs from 16:00 to 24:00. It is at this time that the dollar exchange rate can jump strongly, which must be taken into account when choosing the best moment to trade binary options.

National currencies have different times of increased volatility, so the exact time for conducting transactions cannot be called.

To consolidate your forecasts and accurately make the right decision, use the summary technical analysis on. It displays tips that are based on the work of several indicators and advisers:

How to predict the moment to trade options?

Here is a great example of when it is advised to actively sell the EUR / USD currency pair. Consequently, the course will go down, which tells us about the movement of the chart down in binary options.

Now we can conclude that it is necessary to find the best moment to open options:

  • take into account weekends and holidays;
  • check the economic calendar;
  • take into account the volatility of the selected asset;
  • check the tips of the adviser.

Having done all these actions, you will have much more chances to close the option and get profit. Of course, there are no guarantees, but the probability increases significantly, and this affects the total profit from trading. Try and analyze, the only way you can get a big income.

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