How to pay the phone via the Internet? mobile phone payment

Now we can’t do without cellular communication, every day we use mobile devices and we have to systematically replenish the balance of the phone.

Thanks to e-commerce, to replenish the balance of your cell phone, you do not have to leave home, now you can transfer money in online mode.

How to pay for the phone via the Internet? To do this you need to use one of the payment tools. The best option is to open the wallet in the Webmoney system, since this payment system is of the highest quality, you can pay almost everything through it, and you can also easily make money on the Internet.

How to pay the phone via the Internet? mobile phone payment

Payment for mobile communication online

For the convenience of our blog visitors, we received a special widget through which you can pay now :

With this widget you can not only pay for the services of MTS, Kyivstar, Beeline, Megafon, Life and Intertelecom, but also pay for the Internet, buy domains , pay for the services of a hosting provider and more.

Naturally, to pay, you will need to have electronic money in the Webmoney system. You can replenish your electronic wallet through the terminals and bank cards, or you can easily earn the required amount by doing a simple job on the network.

How to pay the phone via the Internet? mobile phone payment

Earn money to replenish your phone

A small amount can be quickly earned on buxis such as Wmmail and Seosprint. With the help of these services, Internet entrepreneurs promote their projects, fill sites with comments, increase the number of registrations and run advertising. You will pay money for help in promotion.

Here are some examples of tasks. The higher the payment for the task, the more difficult it is to perform them, so you can choose, write comments and join groups on social networks and receive small money or go through registration with activity and receive larger rewards.

When you make money, transfer it to a Webmoney wallet, and from there you can bear the necessary expenses. It is difficult to earn a lot on click-on sponsors, but will be enough to pay for the telephone and the Internet, especially as there are over 20,000 tasks in general on both projects.

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