How to pay online via Yandex Money?

Payment systems are rapidly increasing the number of customers, which is not surprising. People understand how convenient it is to use electronic money.

With their help, you can easily pay for the Internet without leaving your home. But this is not all the possibilities, and if there is some free time, then you will not have to deposit funds into a virtual account.

Payment for Internet services through Yandex Money is carried out in a few minutes. Naturally, you must have money to transfer. They will have to be credited to your account (how to put money on Yandex Money) or attach a card so that funds will be directly deducted from your bank account.

How to pay online via Yandex Money?

Paying for the Internet with Yandex Money

Before presenting the detailed instructions, I would like to remind you that it is not necessary to recharge your wallet.

Find out where to earn Yandex Money, for the payment of services of an Internet provider, you will accurately collect the necessary amount. You can perform the simplest orders, collect for 3-4 days as much as how much you need to pay for the Internet:

How to pay online via Yandex Money?

Payment depends on the complexity of the execution, and what orders perform, decide for themselves thousands. After the withdrawal of funds or the replenishment of the wallet, you can pay for the services of the provider with Yandex. Money.

To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. Log in to the payment system website and go to the section with goods and services:
  2. How to pay online via Yandex Money?
  3. Scroll down and find the section with the name "Internet":
  4. How to pay online via Yandex Money?
  5. From the list of providers, you need to select a company that provides you with the services:
  6. How to pay online via Yandex Money?
  7. After selecting a company, a page will open where you need to specify the account number, contract number and other information (all providers have different data):
  8. How to pay online via Yandex Money?
  9. The next step is to choose a payment method. If on Yandex. Money is not the required amount, the "Bank card" method will be automatically selected. To transfer funds, you need to fill out the form:
  10. How to pay online via Yandex Money?
  11. Is it inconvenient to pay from the card? Open all the ways and choose the appropriate option:
  12. How to pay online via Yandex Money?
  13. To make it easier to pay directly from the card, you need to attach it in your personal account. This is done through the settings:
  14. How to pay online via Yandex Money?
  15. During the binding process, you will be asked for the card number, code (not from the card, but which is on the back of it), as well as the validity period:
  16. How to pay online via Yandex Money?

When using this internet payment method, money is credited instantly , this is a major plus. You can also add a payment to your favorites so that you can easily repeat it at the right time.

Who still does not use electronic money, continues to stand in lines, spend their time and sometimes extra money. The possibilities of the Internet are endless, in addition to paying for the services of the provider, you can repay a loan, make purchases, pay for utilities and so on without leaving your home.

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