How to pass verification in a casino?

The terms of use for gaming sites can be very different, but what they are similar to is in confirming the data.

Verification is required to order a payment from an online casino. Passing it is not so difficult, but it is better to do it before you make a deposit in order to get a guaranteed win.

Online casino verification is necessary for owners of gambling sites for various reasons. At a minimum, this helps increase casino multi-account protection.

If you decide to go through it, choose high-quality casinos, there are also cases when small gaming sites collect data and then use it or hide it not well.

How to pass verification in a casino?

Depending on which site you use, the procedure may differ slightly. First, the list of required documents may differ. Secondly, the requirements for them (for example, quality).

Basically, you need to present the following package:

  1. Identity Verification - done by sending a scan of your passport. Sometimes a passport is required, but in rare cases. Also to confirm the data, in some cases, the right to drive a car is suitable.
  2. Confirmation of residence - a copy of the page about the place of registration in the passport is not suitable for this. You may be required to send a scan of the receipt from the housing office. The main requirement is a statute of limitations of not more than 3 months.

    Perhaps you are not the owner of the property in which you are registered. In this case, the receipt will not be your data. You can try to send a document (if the last name is the same, a receipt can be accepted). If you do not accept, make a power of attorney (write by hand), on behalf of the owner.

  3. Confirmation of billing data - if the balance from the card was replenished, you may be asked to send it a scan (high-quality photo). Sometimes they even ask to make a screenshot of the payment system where you are authorized.

Always check the casino before making a deposit, so you do not have to face problems when withdrawing funds. Conditions are different, so you need to be careful, and even better to talk with technical support.

How to pass verification in a casino?

If you want to play without verification, use

. There, confirmation of the data may be requested by the administration, but this is extremely rare.

If verification is required, you will only be asked to scan your passport and confirm your billing information.

Remember that verification will not work in an online casino if you have indicated not real data in your profile.

Fill in the information about yourself correctly and do not worry about if you use high-quality gaming sites (such as or), they have reliable protection and no one will use the data.

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