How to optimize the URL address of the site page?

Without search engine optimization, a site will never become popular and will not reach high positions.

Moreover, if you make mistakes, the resource can be excluded from the issue. Attention must be paid to every little thing, including setting up the correct page addresses. On many sites of beginners there is such a problem, it is not difficult to fix it.

Optimizing the URLs of the site addresses the setting of the CNC. The abbreviation is deciphered as a human-readable URL. It should be short and informative so that there are no additional characters in it. We have already told what a URL and CNC is, newcomers should read this article.

How to optimize the URL address of the site page?

How to optimize the site page address?

First, correctly configured URLs are better perceived by search engines. Secondly, it improves usability for visitors.

Think for yourself which link looks like a better workion. ru / chto-takoe-url-i-chpu or workion. ru / category / rubrika-dlya-vebmasterov / chto-takoe-url-i-chpu. And sometimes numbers are also added to addresses, which spoils their perception.

In the settings of your engine, there must be a section responsible for the CNC. In WordPress it is in "Permanent Links." There you can customize the type of links by selecting one of the forms, or by specifying it yourself:

How to optimize the URL address of the site page?

The best option is “Free.” Add /% category% /% postname% to the line. html, to address consisted of the category name and post.

Sometimes this causes problems, Russian letters are displayed in the URL. When copying such addresses, a bunch of different characters appear, you can fix it with a plugin. The extension will automatically replace all Russian letters, both in the addresses of the pages and in the names of media files.

How to optimize the URL address of the site page?

How to optimize a URL not on WordPress?

Regardless of which engine you use (even if you use a custom script), you can simply replace URL address. Several tools have been developed specifically for this. They work according to a simple scheme, replacing all kinds of #,?, = And other characters.

To avoid having to pay, use free URL cleaning services from extra characters:

  • - a module for the server from the official site, with detailed instructions.
  • - download the Rewrite module for ASO. NET 2. 0.

If you want to get a multifunctional and high-quality tool, download the module with Helicontech. You will have to pay money for it, but you will be provided with all the necessary installation instructions.

Plus the use of such tools in fast error correction. You configure the module once, after which all links are displayed correctly.

If this is too difficult for you, find a professional at

who installs the module and sets up the necessary parameters.

To clean the address of the site from unnecessary characters you need to , and now you know how to do it. URL rewriting helps to improve the resource, but this is not all that the webmaster has to do. For example, the site map of HTML and XML is equally important, it is used by search bots and visitors.

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