How to optimize texts, SEO, errors and tips

The best idea for making money on the Internet is to create your own website. Many people know about it and even try to implement interesting projects. The most common option is a blog.

By placing articles, you can collect a lot of traffic, but when using this type of sites, you need to learn how to create really high-quality posts.

Text content and SEO optimization, major errors and useful tips, we decided to tell about all this, because more and more websites have recently appeared.

They try, work, even spend money, but don't go to the first positions? The reason for this is the lack of experience and necessary knowledge.

How to optimize texts, SEO, errors and tips

Why is it so important to monitor the quality of texts on the site?

No one wants to read, learn and learn from the experience of other users, but without it, can not do. Even if it is not a blog that is being developed, but some other site, textual information plays a crucial role.

It’s not just that online store owners attract professionals, even for creating product descriptions.

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Beginners stumble on bumps that everyone has long known about. Search engines and visitors will definitely pay attention to the text content. Elementary, which is not taken into account too often, is the correct structure of the text. In order for an article to turn out to have a quality , it must contain:

  1. Paragraphs.
  2. Headings and subheadings.
  3. Highlight important points.
  4. Footnotes and explanations.
  5. Internal links.
  6. Media content (pictures, video).
  7. Charts or infographics.

It is necessary to make the content so that in a few moments the reader can grasp the very essence. Most visitors first look at the content and quickly study the headlines; if the information is interesting, it is studied in more detail.

An important point for which it is worth working more on content is the attitude of the search engines. Their bots analyze a huge amount of new materials every minute.

To take high positions, you need to offer a competent, optimized text, without water and errors, with high uniqueness, well-thought-out structure, and so on.

How to optimize texts, SEO, errors and tips

10 common SEO errors in the texts on the sites

Knowing that the Workion blog has been going on for several years and has been gaining momentum successfully many ask for help.

Most often, readers send links to their projects to get some useful tips, learn how to improve the blog, what's wrong with the posts. We chose the most common mistakes:

  1. To dilute texts, present important information or protect against copying, beginners often add scans of documents. That is, the text is represented in the image, but the search bots are not able to take this format into account, therefore when using something like this, the text surrounding the image is necessary.
  2. Often, newbies don't try to sort out the topic for the selected post. They collect surface information, add some conclusions, their assumptions and pour water. Placing such materials is useless. Search engines can easily determine when there are a lot of unnecessary characters in the text.
  3. Starting out about SEO and optimization, newbies forget about their visitors. Create texts that are full of keywords, hoping for high positions. Bots of search engines are able to determine the naturalness, besides, they check behavioral factors, it is better to write for people.
  4. Buying articles from copywriters is considered the best way to get quality content. However, this is not always the case. Many "gurus" impersonate pros, being newbies. They also pour solid water and do not reveal the chosen topic in sufficient detail.
  5. After examining the basic SEO rules of texts, beginners highlight each keyword, add them in high concentration, try to cram direct entries in headlines, lists. Such actions lead to pessimization, in other words, re-optimization, which is negatively perceived by search engines.
  6. Large texts require mandatory formatting. In order for the volume of the article to play, it is necessary to make new paragraphs more actively, add images, use lists, share the meaning of subtitles. Try to use different content formats more often (tables, icons, videos, and info-graphics).
  7. Illiterate texts are not credible, both among readers and search engines. Of course, a blogger does not have to be a linguist, but you need to know the basics of spelling. Now special services have been created for this. In the article - how to check the text for punctuation, one of such systems is presented.
  8. Search bots and readers pick out the essence of the text from the headlines. It is important to set only one header with the H1 tag. The greater the depth of the subtitles (H2, H3 ...), the better.Note that they should be distinguished from the general format (size, font), and depending on their nesting, the difference should be visible.
  9. Visually, the text page should be divided into several blocks. So it is easier to perceive and study the data. To achieve better quality, stand in the place of a regular user and try to read several materials. Such tests help to find flaws.
  10. When creating text content for a commercial site, there is no room for errors. The competition is serious, you need to give all the best. If you yourself are not well versed in SEO and texts, it is better to immediately engage a specialist.

Beginners webmasters make a lot of other mistakes, but these are much more common.

As practice shows, most of the shortcomings appear because of laziness and not wanting to give visitors something really useful, and not just add a new page. Think more often about readers, but do not forget about search bots.

How to structure the text on the website correctly?

When you try to optimize the text correctly, it is important to consider SEO, but because of the rules established by search engines, beginners forget about their fans .

Literate structure of the article is the most important point. This helps to properly engage the reader and get him to read the material to the end. Consider the basic structuring steps:

  • each article begins with a greeting. It is necessary not just to create intrigue, it is necessary to lay out the very essence in the shortest possible format. This is how entries are made on news portals. This allows the reader to quickly grasp the essence and if it interests him, delve into the text;
  • now bloggers already understand that in order to reach high positions, you need to post big posts, write lengthy articles. In addition, with a large amount of characters, it is easier to fit more related keywords. However, to place such a "pile of letters" without division into paragraphs with complete thoughts is not worth it;
  • subtitles are necessarily studied by search bots and real people, therefore they need to be set at least 2-4 paragraphs. Firstly, they will help to study the material more quickly, secondly, it is an ideal way to highlight the requests for which the material was sharpened;
  • in large articles there are several important topics that should be separated from each other. For example, in our article, first comes general information, then the title, explanation, subtitle, listing, etc. Do not burden readers and do not let them get confused, share your thoughts;
  • copywriters break the structure of the text when they pour too much water. They come up with a bunch of unnecessary subtitles, move away from the main topic too far, in general, they do everything to get a great article, believing that this will have a positive effect for SEO. Unnecessary information is useless, no one will study it.

To summarize only this data, when creating a new post, you need to start with the most important information, divide the data into logical blocks, arrange everything beautifully and discard unnecessary data.

Only those who are really trying to make quality content, it turns out to achieve popularity.

10 tips on SEO texts from professionals

Newbies wonder why their optimized texts, tailored to a specific query, formatted and large, give way. Experienced bloggers and copywriters use various tricks to beat the competition. Here are the basic techniques of :

  1. It all starts with a heading that should be made up not only according to the rules of SEO, but also look attractive. Use for this clickbate, with all its appearance the name of the material should force it to click.
  2. Some parts of the text will be the most important, they need to be highlighted. Our blog uses the WP-Note plugin, but you can use italic, bold, or change the color of characters without extensions.
  3. Lists in articles are often presented in text format, but it makes sense to beautifully draw them and place them as image. Yes, bots will not accept them, but visitors will appreciate it:

How to optimize texts, SEO, errors and tips

  1. Images in the article should be required, if you have nothing to imagine useful, then at least you need to insert thematic images. This is another element to improve the design of the page, helping to make it attractive and dilute the solid text.
  1. Recently, it has become relevant to add videos to articles. Excellent reception, because many users do not want to read, it's easier for them to watch the video. Ideally, this should be the author's video you recorded specifically for the post.
  1. The best image format, which helps convey thoughts to the reader and partially replace text reading, is an infographic.It takes a lot of time to create it, but the result exceeds all expectations:

How to optimize texts, SEO, errors and tips

  1. Often texts are written for advertising purposes or the authors want to draw attention to some of the most important information. In this case, it should be added to a separate block and make directions with arrows.
  1. Tables do not have to be presented as images, when they are arranged directly in the text, they are even taken into account by search bots. Making a table is not difficult, any information is suitable for this:

How to optimize texts, SEO, errors and tips

  1. When writing sales articles, and any other texts whose task is to attract a client, End it is necessary to install the button to call to action. It is necessary to direct the person so that he will precisely perform the necessary action.
  1. Suggest that visitors to your site opt out of scrolling the page for a quick study of the material. Install the content at the top of the page, it is more convenient to do it through special plugins.

You need to understand that SEO text optimization is not just the use of keywords. This is a competent study of each part of the material. Even on the pictures and internal links depends on the perception of the document.

In today's reality, to achieve high positions without quality texts is almost impossible. It sounds trite, but first of all it is necessary to write for people.

Gradually, SEO is reduced to visitors' perception of content, behavioral factors play an important role, so it’s best to try to get people's attention. If users like the site, search engines will start bringing more traffic.

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