How to optimize images for search engines, social networks and people - Profit Hunter

How to optimize images for search engines, social networks and people - Profit Hunter

Image optimization factors for search engines:

  • Key words in the text under the alt tag, text around the picture, picture title, page title;
  • The preferred format is jpg;
  • A separate folder for images available for search engines;
  • Freshness of the image. The SearchEngineWatch resource known in foreign optimizers circles. com recommends periodically uploading images again to keep them fresh;
  • Allowing image search in Google webmaster tools;
  • Reasonable size of images (WW has an interesting discussion on this topic);
  • A limited number of images per page;
  • Popular and reliable photo hosting (for example, recently images from Flickr are ranked well by Yahoo!);
  • Rotate the image a few degrees to Finally 🙂

Image optimization factors for social networks:

  • (self-evident) Take care The pictures were really cool - interesting, beautiful, funny, depending on the need. Let readers have an extra reason to share the link to you with friends and acquaintances;
  • (to get the Digg preview) Do not move away from the jpg format and make sure that the pictures are freely reduced to 160 x 120 or 160 x 160 pixels (or were already of this size). If the picture does not meet these requirements, Digg does not generate for the post preview.

Image optimization factors for people:

  • People pay more attention to clear pictures where details can be discerned (in short, the higher the picture quality, the better);
  • (Clear, detailed) faces more attractive look. Do not abuse the abstract images;
  • Let the pictures be relevant. Yes, according to studies of eye movement of web pages, images are not the first thing that attracts attention. In contrast to printed articles, in which the reader first draws attention to the pictures, when opening a web page, the visitor first sees the text. However, this does not negate the fact that a well-chosen picture can make the visitor stay on the page or remember it if he has relevant associations.

Factors based on the gender of the visitors:

  • Women better than men distinguish mimicry (study);
  • Men in nude images are more often women than women first looking at the face rather than at other parts of the body (source);
  • Women are more interested in pictures that contain more than one person (source).

Image Optimization Tools:

  • The SEO Friendly Images plugin for WordPress allows you to automatically optimize ALT and TITLE tags.

Image search engines:

  • Compfight / A Flickr Search Tool (with Creative Commons option);
  • Creative Commons search (on Flickr);
  • everystockphoto - searching free photos;
  • PicFindr: Free stock photo and image search.

*** Translation of the Ann Smarty article with small additions.

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