How to open ip online? use the Moedelo website

Registering an IP is one of the required steps when starting your own business.

Many people decide to start their own business, but they are afraid that the procedure for registering the necessary documents will not be enough for them . In fact, it is not so difficult, especially since there are special services.

How to open the FE online? In order to fully undergo such a procedure, certain documents will have to be compiled, and the Moedelo website will assist in this. org.

Thanks to this service, it will take just a few minutes to fill out the necessary forms, after which you will be provided with all documents and instructions for further action free of charge.

How to open ip online? use the Moedelo website

Documents for opening the SP

The procedure for opening the SP with the service will consist of several actions. First you need to register and specify different data. Then, you will receive various documents that will need to be printed and transferred to the appropriate authorities.

The final stage is the approval of the application and the completion of the registration of the IP.

Now you can find different websites on the network for registering a business and getting help on drafting documents, but Moedelo has some advantages:

  • the service will take no more than 15 minutes;
  • even a novice can easily figure it out;
  • the service is certified by the law on Personal Data;
  • the service organizers always follow changes in legislation;
  • there are no errors in documents will not be, since they are thoroughly checked;
  • if you wish, you can consult with professionals.

A huge number of people have already used the Moedelo service for registering IP and started their own business.

Step by step instructions on how to open the PI

After usual registration on the Moedelo website, you must provide a lot of different information:

How to open ip online? use the Moedelo website

Filling out forms is not difficult, the most important thing is not to make mistakes and indicate real information:

How to open ip online? use the Moedelo website

Carefully fill in all the information, choose the type of activity, enter address data, and so on.

When choosing a tax system, it is better to choose "Income" giving 6%, it is much more convenient.

After entering all the necessary data, the system gives you a list of documents that need to be downloaded and printed:

How to open ip online? use the Moedelo website

Pay attention to the last document - instructions for registration. Be sure to open it and read, it contains full information on what to do next, what authorities to visit and what documents to submit.

The state duty is 800 rubles , it will definitely have to be paid and then go to the tax duty (which was indicated when filling in the data). All that remains is to wait about a week to get a certificate of IP (sometimes the deadline is slightly delayed).

Through the Moedelo service, you can also open an IP account online. On this site you will be offered to connect to one of the partner banks on favorable terms. Opening an IP account is as easy as getting the necessary documents online.

Before you start to open the PI , think carefully and evaluate your idea. It is possible that you can start without the official registration of the business, and after the SP is registered, you will have to pay money.

With zero income taxes will be insignificant, but you will need to consistently pay a certain amount to the pension fund.

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