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The topic of garbage traffic is highly relevant. What is garbage traffic? Garbage traffic is non-target (empty) traffic . For example, you have a website about children's toys and you promote it in Moscow, and visitors to the site come to you from the USA (Russian-speaking) or not by irrelevant requests or traffic rejected by PPC systems. It is clear that you don’t need such traffic for nothing, because it will not benefit you or site visitors. How to be? Where to put all not target visitors? Do they just leave the site and will not bring us any good? Bring, if you earn with DaoLeads . how to monetize trash traffic? - Profit Hunter

What is DaoLeads?

DaoLeads is CPA ( cost-per-action ) ad network . CPA networks - a very huge prospect, is gaining momentum on the Internet. How is it more profitable than the same classical PPC ( pay-per-click )? When working with CPA, the advertiser no longer needs to pay for huge amounts of hard-to-track traffic. Now he acquires concrete actions ( pay per action ) of interested consumers, for which he is ready to pay specific money. For example, if Google AdSense pays us for each click on a certain floating amount (CPC, cost-per-click ), then CPA -networks pay fixed amounts for each advertiser’s surfer action. Useful action can be considered as selling an advertiser’s product, as well as simply entering the email address into a special form by the surfer. For example, for the fact that the surfer, having come through your affiliate link, signs up for the video rental service in the BlockBuster company, you will immediately receive $ 40.

We monetize the garbage traffic

As you understand, the garbage traffic on the classic PPC will simply eat the advertiser’s entire budget. For a webmaster, garbage traffic is an obstacle in the statistics of attendance, not targeted visitors, low CTR pages, etc. Noise is much, as they say, but there is little confusion. Garbage he is garbage. 🙂 And on it we will earn. What should be done? DaoLeads in its arsenal has a useful tool (among others) - a new kind of promo - Reject Traffic TDS . With this TDS you can most effectively monetize reject traffic . In the partner’s account on page " TOOLS ” there is a special section:

For reference : TDS (Traffic Directing System) - traffic distribution system, traffic management system. It serves as an intermediate link between your doorways (and not only) and affiliate programs. Why do you need it? TDS is needed so that you can quickly change the direction of traffic, today you are pouring into one affiliate program tomorrow you decide to pour on another. The change in direction of traffic takes a few minutes.

how to monetize trash traffic? - Profit Hunter On the “Drain” page of junk traffic, you can generate a link to All reject traffic will be sent. how to monetize trash traffic? - Profit Hunter

  1. Traffic Type. At the moment, you can choose one of two types of traffic: computer and mobile. Depending on the type of user chosen, you will be offered an offer that is most suitable for him. For TDS mobile traffic, it determines the user's OS and sends it to the corresponding offeror (for example, an offer specifically designed for Android or iPhone traffic).
  2. You can choose one of six domains through which the redirect will be carried out.
  3. Search query, which is transmitted with a click.
  4. Subaccounts to control traffic sources. Useful if traffic comes from different sources to one offer.
  5. Variable for tracking clicks or user ID.
  6. Link for traffic reject. For all the time of testing on our traffic, 0 users were sent to this link. We added it just in case.

What are the options for rejecting traffic? DaoLeads accommodates offers by offers from almost all countries of the world. Russia, Ukraine and other Russian-speaking countries are available. All of them you will find in the office of the webmaster after registration.

For webmasters

  • DaoLeads pays 95% of the price of the offer.
  • Weekly payouts (+ payouts on request, for large webmasters).
  • Thousands of offers are already available for promotion (in reality, there are already more than 10k, they will connect with time).
  • The most needed promo-tools: banners, banner-rotators, js blocks, pop-ups, onImage ads, and most importantly, a thematic TDS, which will determine where it is better to merge traffic.
  • Convenient link generation system.
  • two-level referral system: 5% of your referrals and 1% of webmasters who will be attracted to your referrals.
  • Keyword lists for work.
  • Excellent support service that will help you in your work (tested in practice).

Registration at DaoLeads .

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