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We were all students sometime. Who has not been or plans to become, not rarely seen, student turmoil near the selection committee. During the period of exams, tests, courses and diplomas, students anxiously and stubbornly read their notes, repeat something to themselves before the upcoming exam. Ah, there were times!

Someone studied soundly and read every book that came across the subject. Someone skillfully copied notes from others. Third, they recalled the session just before it was done. In any case, the turmoil before the exams delivered worries to everyone. Who needed a red diploma, and someone a crust.

Today, a big rhythm of life, most students work. There is no time to write diploma and coursework? How to be? Many students, knowing the value of their time, simply order diplomas, coursework or essays. Where can one buy? It is known where: on Zaochnik. com or Readywork. ru (site of finished works).

Can you monetize such traffic on these sites? Of course. To do this, there is an affiliate program for earnings on student traffic R-Money .

how to monetize student traffic? - Profit Hunter

Affiliate in the market since 2007. And as can be seen from the following screenshot, the demand for its services has not decreased (clickable):

how to monetize student traffic? - Profit Hunter
I note that it is January in the yard. Spring is coming and the beginning of sessions . Do you understand what I am getting at? Soon the traffic will crash.

R-Money Resources. ru

In the arsenal of affiliate program there are two large sites where you can order everything a student needs. Customers will come to these same sites in your survey:

how to monetize student traffic? - Profit Hunter

Zaochnik. com - The undisputed leader in runet for the implementation of unique work order . Founded in 2000, over time, a serious reputation has been gained, a recognizable brand in the field of educational services has been formed. The company has offices in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. More than 1000 professional authors perform works on various subjects. Accumulative system of discounts, a guarantee of uniqueness of work, online control over the process of writing work in the amount give a high percentage of repeat orders. Working with zaochnik. com, you get a regular and stable income for many years. Note: each country has its own website. All infa is in the panel of the webmaster (FAQ section).

how to monetize student traffic? - Profit Hunter Readywork. ru - shop for sale of finished works and order of original . Works since 2007, more than 30 000 finished works. Up to 150 new works are added weekly. Professional work of managers, low cost of work and their undoubted quality, allow good converting thematic traffic. The cost of finished works: abstract from200R, term paper from 500R, thesis from 1000R, thesis from 2500R. The maximum number of payment systems is connected, which allows customers to make purchases without any problems. There is an opportunity for authors to sell their work and earn from 25 to 60% of the cost of the work.

Webmaster incomes and conditions

  • 30% of the value of the work performed;
  • Depending on the type work, webmasters income can range from 100 WMR to 3000 WMR:
    • graduation - 3000 WMR;
    • practice report - 1000 WMR;
    • coursework - 900 WMR;
    • other works - 700 WMR;
    • exam tickets and exam - 600 WMR;
    • control - 500 WMR;
    • abstract - 400 WMR;
    • drawing - 100 WMR.

Also, the webmaster receives the revenue from repeat orders .

  • Geo-targeting: Russia , Ukraine , Belarus , Kazakhstan ;
  • Klucheviki ;
  • Banners (flash and statics);
  • Direct links, i.e., not a ref link, but a direct URL to your site;
  • Advertising on social profiles is allowed ;
  • You can place orders from offline (collect orders and issue through your account);
  • The webmaster’s panel is stuffed with a bunch of detailed information;
  • 5% of refs;
  • Plugins for integrating the catalog script into the following WordPress engines , DLE , Joomla , Drupal ;
  • White, long-term income.

Promo Materials

how to monetize student traffic? - Profit Hunter

The variety of materials R-Money is impressive.

  • Dynamic link . Used to redirect clicks to other pages of our sites;
  • Contextual advertising script . This is something like Yandex. Direct, only for your sites;
  • Banner Rotator ;
  • Catalog of finished works . Integrates into any site with include.
  • Plugins for the catalog of finished works for WordPress, DLE, Joomla and Drupal ;
  • Application form . Any of the proposed application forms can be easily integrated into the site;
  • The application form by phone ;
  • The search form for finished works . After entering the request, the client sends to the issue page readywork. ru;
  • The search form for finished works with the issue on the site .Search and issue results on your site. You do not lose visitors to your site;
  • Topline banner ;
  • Button - Add to Facebook;
  • Rss-feed ;
  • Dump of the base of finished works ;
  • Keywards - 800,000 . Useful to those who understand the sense of the doorway and optimization.
  • List of finished works for readywork. ru . Can be used to generate doorways, conversations, etc.;
  • Links to pages to improve the conversion of . Used to drain traffic to various pages of affiliate sites.
  • View statistics on promotional materials .


Provided opportunities R-Money give a good exhaust by profit. The statistics are as follows: on Readywork. ru the minimum envelope is $ 70 with 1000 clicks ($ 0. 07 per click), at Zaochnik. com from $ 150 per 1000 clicks ($ 0. 15 per click). If you take the average price per click, it is impressive. Such an envelope gives from 1 to 5 orders. Take into account even repeated orders.

Important note

For very serious partners, both online and offline, there is a special offer: registration of the company, allocation of managers, full access to general statistics, etc., that is, white offline business.


It is very simple to work with R-Money webmasters with experience in pharma, mp3, OEM affiliate programs. After all, in fact, the methods of traffic direction are the same. Only the goods change. It is clear that black methods are not welcome here. Join us!

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