How to make Vkontakte page attractive?

As the saying goes, "People are greeted by clothes," therefore, using social networks to make money or promote, you need to properly configure your account.

The more attractive it looks, the more interest it will show. Not many people think about it, but it is very important.

How to make an attractive Vkontakte profile? There are several effective ways to attract the attention of users to your page.

Agree, when you see the profile " Nikolay Clothing Store " on the network and some T-shirt on the avatar, it immediately pushes away, because nobody needs fakes in friends.

How to make Vkontakte page attractive?

A good profile for popularity in the social. networks

Start by filling in the information on your page. Specify everything, but if you want to hide something, it is better to use fictional data, so as not to leave the fields empty.

Also fill your wall with interesting information, you can just make reposts from popular communities, so the account will look more natural.

The next step is a profile photo. On the avatar you should not add a product photo or advertising logo. It’s best to add a real snapshot , and to make it look attractive, consider the following:

  • use a quality camera;
  • make sure that the look is neat;
  • smile has people;
  • edit photos in photoshop;
  • find the photo you like online and do the same.

A good photo is striking immediately after the transition to the page, so it must be of high quality. It is not necessary to write advertising text on it, it is much better to place information in the status.

Likes - an indicator that everyone likes you

You probably noticed that you sometimes like not because you really liked the record, but because that under her many clicked "I like".

This is another reason to think about likes likes. Collect a lot of hearts on your avatars and advertisements so that other people would think that all this is pleasant to a large audience.

There are a lot of ways to wind likes. The easiest option is to use the system, where you will not even have to register.

Just enter the link and start putting "Like". The more you press, the more you get hearts. The only drawback is that you have to wait 2-3 days until your posts reach the queue.

In a similar way, you can collect likes in the system

(there they wind up in a couple of hours).

If you want to collect a huge number of hearts, and at the same time order reposts and do it in different social networks, use. On this site all popular soc. networks:

How to make Vkontakte page attractive?

As you can see, you can create likes on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, VK and classes on Odnoklassniki. You will not have to pay for anything, just fill in the tasks of other people and collect coins, then start your own task for them.

If you don’t have time for mutual cheating, buy likes. The cheapest prices on


By drawing attention to yourself, you can make the page popular , and at the same time get an effective platform for advertising.

If you do not yet have a website and you have not opened a business, register on and accept applications for advertising with money, the rates are high, if you have many friends and subscribers.

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