How to make money without a site, types of earnings

Almost every Internet user knows that site owners make a profit from their projects and its size depends on the popularity of the site.

In fact, the amount of earnings on a site depends on many factors, and it’s not at all necessary to create a site to start making money on the Internet.

How to make money without a website? The answer to this question is looking for many people, and it is worth noting that many have already begun to develop their careers, while not having a website.

I recommend watching a video lesson.

Of course, the site is an excellent opportunity to organize earnings, but this is not an obligatory criterion and there are quite a few ways to earn money without a site.

How to make money without a site, types of earnings

5 ways of making money without a site

1 . The easiest and most popular form of earnings without a site is the use of mailers. Such projects as Seosprint and Wmmail provide a real opportunity to organize a workplace on the Internet.

Working on these projects is the easiest, passing registrations, browsing websites, commenting on blogs and more.

By actively investing in your work, you can easily earn your first money on the Internet, and just as easily, bring them to real life. We also use both of these mailers to solve various purposes, including making money on the Internet.

2 . Not owning your sites, but wanting to make money on the Internet, you can provide your services to other webmasters. It is not necessary to get settled on a permanent basis, since you can become a freelancer and carry out various orders, as in a real business.

For example, if you are great at drawing in Photoshop, you can create graphic elements for webmasters and get a cash reward for it. You can also make money on writing articles, site administration, optimization, SMM promotion and much more.

How to make money without a site, types of earnings

3 . Creating a referral network is the ability to create a passive source of profit that can become stable. Using various sites, such as the same Wmmail and Seosprint, you can build a referral network and make a profit due to the activity of the users you invite.

About who referrals are and how to attract them, read our blog. Today, a huge audience of workers on the Internet uses this method, and distinguish it from the rest, as the most convenient and profitable.

4 . Fans of social networks are not deprived of the possibility of combining their hobbies and making money. On the Internet you can find many different sites that offer the ability to monetize groups and social networking accounts.

For example, VkTarget is an excellent project that is developing steadily and is already being used by thousands of people. What are they paying money for? For joining groups, reposting, likes, and much more.

How to make money without a site, types of earnings

5 . The last type of earnings of our list is the earnings on the video card. To start making money in this way, you don’t need to use a browser at all or perform any actions.

The only thing that needs to be done is to install a special program that will use the resources of your computer, and for this you will receive money.

The company has been providing its program for several years to earn money on a video card, try it too, especially since it is free.

Earn without a site is really possible, and now you know 5 ways to do it. Of course, there are many more ways, and we will systematically provide you with information about their use and organization of work on the Internet.

Earn without a website on freelancing

In the second paragraph of our list we talked about earnings on freelancing. This is a huge field of activity in which you can show absolutely any skills and talents.

There is a lot of work on the network, there are constantly looking for performers, but in order to take orders, you need to have certain knowledge.

In freelancing, you can build a career and completely replace them with real work. To see the available vacancies and projects, go to the exchange:

How to make money without a site, types of earnings

There are always available projects and vacancies, but the competition is quite high. First, to approve your candidacy, lower the rates. Offer customers a minimum payment, it will help collect ratings and positive reviews.

You can also use other freelance exchanges, and if you are active, you will quickly find permanent employers.

How to make money without a site, types of earnings

10 ways to make money without a website

There are a lot of different systems that even beginners can use. Somewhere skills are required, some take more time, and sometimes contributions are required.

In any case, you can make a profit without leaving your home. Use Internet sites, where you can earn without investments:

  1. - a site where you can earn without investments on comments and profiles of social networks. For 2 years, this system works stably and is constantly being upgraded. Here we removed testing during registration and added new types of tasks. Collect 100 rubles and you can bring them to Yandex. Money or Webmoney.
  2. - the exchange allows you to make money on links without a site. As sites, you can use accounts from social networks and Vkontakte group. There are serious requirements for communities, and to add a profile, you need to dial a total of 100 subscribers and place 100 entries on the wall (you can cheaply subscribe subscribers).
  3. - a site where you can earn money without investing in selling articles. When register, find 10 simple instructions and execute them (likes, joining groups, etc.). This will give you access to the store of articles in which texts of any subject are accepted, but they must be of high quality, unique and without errors.
  4. - this site is known to many, as it is used all over the world. Good money, he brings the authors quality photos. You can expose any photo, but first you need to be registered and verified. Moderators need to send 10 examples of your work, according to which they will decide whether to take you to a photo stock or not.
  5. is an ideal resource where even a beginner can make money on the Internet without a website. Users are invited to solve the characters from the pictures, payment is small, but the work is extremely simple. There are many ways available for withdrawal, several e-wallets and phone balance.
  6. - the service is similar to the axle boxes, since it also offers to perform small tasks. Most of them are related to behavioral factors, i.e. you will need to visit sites and make transitions to them. There are instructions on social networks, and if you collect a lot of rating, you can become a site moderator.
  7. - here you can earn money on the Internet without a website. Not everyone has a video chat system, because here you will have to launch candid broadcasts. Not only girls, but also couples or guys can conduct them. Pay decent money, the project is foreign, so you can turn off shows in Russia and several other countries of the former USSR.
  8. - a system has been created for easy searching of exchangers on the Internet. It has an affiliate program, and your referrals may not be registered. When they follow your link, a small amount is credited to you. Then, if they return, the bonuses are credited again.
  9. is a serious affiliate program with a variety of information products. You can take links to them and advertise in accessible ways. A percentage of the sale is credited, it is different in each offer. You can also invite referrals and receive interest from the information products sold by them.

With one of these resources, you will definitely be able to earn a stable income. Even if you have little free time, a side job will allow you to forget about paying for mobile communication.

Without a website you can make , but in the future you should have a goal to develop your own resource. Why? Because it is the most profitable option, but due to modern technologies, even beginners are able to create platforms without much effort.

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